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Worldwide usage of Lodgit Desk

Are you the first Lodgit Desk user in your country?
Then you'll receive 6 months added to your first one year license for free!*

Please get in touch with us using our contact form.

Countries in which Lodgit Desk is not yet used are displayed white in the world map above. The more businesses in a country are running Lodgit Desk, the darker it will be colored. 

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*Please note that in order to receive the free license both the business as well as the corresponding license holder have to be located in the country without preexisting Lodgit Desk license holers. This offer is only valid for the base license; additional modules have to be purchased separately. Islands and overseas territories have the same status as their respective mainland territories, even if they are uncolored.

Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park

"I’ve been working in the hotel industry for 20 years, have thus worked with quite a number of reservation systems and have never been as satisfied with any of them as I am now working with Lodgit Desk! …"

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