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iPad tip

Video Tip: Use Lodgit Desk with a tablet / iPad (90 sec hotel tablet software tutorial)

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To give you the easiest possible introduction to the use of Lodgit Desk, we present here some video clips that will familiarise you with the most important functions of the booking and reservation software.

Introduction of the Main Window

Video Content:

  • Learn the most important elements of the booking window
  • Change time ranges (change time bar by mouse or menu commands)
  • Search for vacant units
  • Create a new booking
  • Centre view on today's date
  • Restrict view to individual objects and certain rental units (only single rooms, double rooms, etc.)
  • Quick display of persons checked in (incl. checkouts)
  • Search for guests in the booking list
  • Search for free rental units in a certain period
  • Quick entry of a new booking
Hotel Booking & Guest Management

Video Content:

  • Draw in a new booking in the booking calendar
  • Assigning a regular guest to the booking
  • Creating a new guest in the guest administration and assigning him/her to another booking
  • Creating an offer incl. confirmation (print preview)
Managing Extras & Packages

Video Content:

  • Draw in several bookings in the booking plan
  • Assigning invoice recipients
  • Create group booking
  • Add another booking to the group
  • Create an offer (print preview)
  • Remove individual bookings from the group booking
  • Dissolve the entire group booking into individual bookings again
Create a Group Reservation

Video Contents:

  • Create several extra items (additional services) in the extra item administration
  • Create a new "wellness special" package and add it to an existing booking
  • Link the extra package (i.e. incl. breakfast) to a rental unit so that the package is always automatically added when a new booking is created
Introduction to Lodgit Online Systems

Video Contents:

  • Introduction to the features of the Lodgit Online Systems
  • ...including the online booking calendar as well as the online booking system
  • Examples of the integration and use of the systems by other Lodgit customers