Create As Many Tax Rates As You Like

Set different VAT rates, Tax rates, Currencies Etc

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In Lodgit Desk you can create as many VAT rates as you like, and then assign them to the different services you offer. This lets you adapt your bookings to the tax conditions specific to your country or region, and also lets you be able to react quickly to any future tax changes.

Lodgit Desk can also calculate the varying tax rates between the accommodation portion and catering portion of your business, which is common in places such as Switzerland.

Hint: In Lodgit Desk the changing of VAT rates is also possible for previously created entries. This way you are perfectly prepared for future VAT changes!

Country Specific Address Formats for Correspondence

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Depending on the country selected in the guest profile, various different address formats for correspondence can be created. These will be used automatically upon generating correspondence (letters, offers, confirmations and invoices etc) to these specific guests.

Customise Your Software

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Create your own style! The look of the booking plan can be stylised to fit with your own design. Custom colours can also be applied to the backgrounds, highlighting weekends, as well as individual colours of the various booking statuses.

Create Your Own Letter Templates

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Why use blank paper for your letters?  With Lodgit Desk you can create individual letters complete with your own images or logos. Additionally, you can link different templates to any of your properties that will automatically be used in the respective correspondence.

Set Payment Methods and Default Currency

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When setting the payment type, an individual payment term and a text can be stored, which will be printed automatically when the invoice is created. You can also create your own payment types, which will be taken into account both in the evaluation and in the accounting export.

Use Multiple Currencies

In Lodgit Desk you can choose your default currency from a huge selection of the world's currencies;

Available Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • Ability to define own payment methods

Available Currencies: