SQL Database Server

Using and SQL database server

You want to work with Lodgit Desk form multiple computers at the same time? 

Using a database server is the solution for that! It allows you to access the same joint database from multiple computers in the same wired local network to simultaneously draw in bookings, create invoices, check in guests and more.

Multi user mode - work with Lodgit Desk from multiple computers in the same network

Easy setup

To give you multi user support Lodgit Desk works together with the virtual database server cubeSQL

Because it's easy to install on an ordinary Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer in your local network. It also allows you to obtain a free license for up to two concurrent connections

The cubeSQL server needs so little resources that you can even install it on one of your existing computers that you work on every day.

Even though the setup is really easy we do offer you detailed step by step instructions available to download as a PDF file. This document also offers instructions on how to set up the backup function as well as answers to the most common question or clients asked us about the server.

What's important is that the computer running cubeSQL remains always switched on whenever someone is working with Lodgit Desk. That's because all users, regardless if they're on a Windows computer or a mac, will be accessing the Lodgit database that's stored on the cubeSQL server. 


Download PDF

Easy to switch over to

After having installed and configured the server on a computer in your local network you can switch your Lodgit Desk over from single to multi user mode (and to making use of the server) with the click of one button. If there is no database present on the server yet you'll be able to upload your current work database immediately. 

After that you can use any computer in your local network - be it a Windows machine or a Mac -to access your database

Affordable costs

The interface to the database server is an additional module for Lodgit Desk which you can add to your existing license at any time. The activation of the module can be purchased in our Online Shop. The module will then remain activated - so you won't face any extra charges for it when renewing your license. 

You want to access your database from multiple computers but don't want to install a server? Try out if using a screen sharing tool such as TeamViewer might be a solution for you!