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Remote Support

We use the free TeamViewer tool to connect with you for training sessions and remote maintenance. It's available to download here:

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Setup Instructions

Documentation & Information

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Would you like some more information about configuring Lodgit Desk? In addition to our detailed documentation (online and PDF), we have also put together various online guides for you.

This will make tasks such as setting up Lodgit for the first time, or connecting to a channel manager as simple and easy as possible.

Getting Started with Lodgit Desk

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Have you just bought your license and don't know where to start? Or would you like to try Lodgit Desk with your real database? With these instructions you'll find everything you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. Learn about the most important settings and features of Lodgit Desk:

Lodgit Desk First Steps

Lodgit Desk Manual and Documentation

lodgit documentation

All functions of Lodgit Desk and its optional modules are described in detail in the online documentation. You can also download this documentation as a PDF:

Lodgit Desk Online Documentation

Download Lodgit Manual (PDF)

Configuration of the Database Server

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These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the installation of the database server application, the upload of the Lodgit Desk database and the settings for the backup functions. Having problems with the server installation? Here you will also find the solutions to the most common problems:

Lodgit Desk Database Server (PDF)

Configuration of the Online Booking Systems

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All setting options for the Lodgit online modules are explained in the online documentation: from the first synchronisation to the adjustment of the CSS data. Here you'll quickly be able to create an attractive online booking system and be able to receive bookings through your website:

Lodgit Desk Online Systems

Setting up the Channel Manager Interface

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Here you'll find all the information about connecting Lodgit Desk hotel software to one of the many supported channel managers.

You can then quickly present your business to a variety of online booking channels and receive bookings. Simply choose the relevant document for the channel manager you are using here: