Short guides to hotel software and additional modules


When you booked a remote maintenance or training session with us you'll need the free TeamViewer tool which is available for download here:

Download Teamviewer QS Mac/Win

Documentation & Papers

Are you looking for specific information on a particular subject within Lodgit Desk? You'll find it easily in the links below. Simply download one of our free PDF files below or read in our Online Documentation.

First steps with Lodgit Desk

Have you just purchased your license and would like a quick start guide? Do you want to try Lodgit Desk with your real data? Follow this guide for the fastest way to set up your work database!

Lodgit Desk First Steps

Lodgit Desk Manual and Documentation

You can find our hotel reservation system documentation here.  The online documentation describes in detail all functions of Lodgit Desk, so you can use the software to the fullest extent. You can also download the documentation as a PDF below, then print it out to read later.

The Lodgit Desk Database Server

This step by step guide will tell you how to set up the database server application, upload your Lodgit Desk database and configure the backup settings. Having trouble while or after installing the serverHere, you'll also find solutions for the few most common problems.

Lodgit Desk Database Server (PDF)

Configuring the Lodgit Desk Online Systems

In the Online Documentation you'll be explained all possible settings to configure and personalise the Lodgit Online Systems: From setting up and running the first synchronisation to modifying the CSS files. This way you'll be guided quickly to your own neat online booking system and you'll soon be able to receive bookings over your website!

Lodgit Desk Online Systems

Setting up the "Interface: Channel Manager"

Here you'll find all the information on how to integrate a Channel Manager with Lodgit Desk.

A channel manager will allow your business to be shown on a multitude of online booking channels and also receive bookings through them.  Once you accept these bookings within Lodgit Desk, your booking schedule will be automatically updated. Learn more about the different providers below: