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User Reviews for Lodgit Desk Hotel Software

More and more lodging establishments are using Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software of choice. Some of them would like to tell you why they think it's the best hotel management software:

Alexander Christl, Balicamp

"We’ve been using Lodgit Desk since the beginning of 2010 and particularly appreciate its clear structure and user-friendliness as well as its excellent customer service. Given that our business is a surf camp, specific questions about package and online settings keep cropping up and are quickly, competently and efficiently answered by the service staff."


Marion Gühring, Gästehaus Gühring

"The hotel software undergoes continuous further development, there is no standstill. If problems arise, they are dealt with swiftly and straightforwardly. And the people who work on this reservation program really do have an idea of what they’re doing."