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More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

"Being a holiday home of the protestant methodist church we were looking for a reservation software that’s both affordable but also suits the needs of our house. We have different types of rooms and three additional holiday houses as well as other spaces to rent out. The reservation software has to be able to adapt to that which is no problem for Lodgit Desk."

"We enjoy working with the Lodgit Hotel Software a lot because it is very extensive and it helps us do just everything that needs to be done in our hotel: turnovers, guest statistics, guest lists, cleaning lists and much more."

"After our reopening we needed a software solution that allows us to easily and straightforwardly manage our 20 rooms. With Lodgit we found a hotel software that meets our demands just perfectly. With regard to price it’s also affordable for smaller businesses."

"While looking for a software to manage our holiday apartments, we decided to give Lodgit Desk a try and purchased it even before the free trial period expired. Thanks to the flexible graphical display of all requests, offers and bookings, we have a brilliant overview and can quickly reply to all booking requests with the optimal price with just a few clicks."