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More and more hoteliers are using Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software of choice. Here you can read why some believe it's the best hotel management software available:

Michael Hoffmann, Morgensonne Krippen Apartments

"A few years ago, I ran a small pension, where I was looking for good hotel software for a long time. In the process I came across Lodgit Desk. I was astonished about the range of possibilities, as well as the low price, and also skeptical at first, since many other providers of similar software  also promised a lot."

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Niklas Buschner, Landhaus Himmelpfort am See

"What convinces me about Lodgit Desk is the fact that it is really easy to use while allowing a large number of individual preferences. Especially well-made - apart from the analysis and evaluation features - are the Online Booking Engine and the Channel Manager Interface."

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Annemarie Pfaffenberger, Hagerhof

"We’ve been looking for our own, affordable Online Booking Engine for our holiday apartments. Mainly to avoid the hefty commission fees charged by the major booking channels. The outcome of this search was not only a Booking Engine but a brand new, bilingual website for us. Including an inquiry form, a booking calendar, Lodgit’s Online Booking Engine and an integrated Google Map. The most exciting feature for us is clearly the Online Booking Engine..."

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Erik Nitsche, Landgasthof Sonne

"Lodgit Desk successfully proves itself with our everyday work. We're especially happy about the very good and free support: Every question is quickly and very competently answered. Also the software is continuously being enhanced and extended by useful features."

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