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More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

"After a two week trial of Lodgit Desk with the online booking system it was clear to me that this is just the right system for our family run guest house. Allowing the guest to book right from our homepage and having the booking data imported into the hotel software automatically saves a lot of time."

"I really enjoy working with Lodgit Desk because the guest management and the creation of new bookings is so clearly laid out. I can determine all important data (occupancy, statistics, figures, agents and more) with Lodgit."

"We were looking for a suitable software that supports our work flow as self explanatory as possible for quite a long time. We tested several providers and finally, Lodgit Desk won the race because it’s easy to understand for everyone."

"We had been asking ourselves for quite a while whether we should start using a hotel software. After switching to the Mac platform, it was even harder to find something appropriate. For small lodging businesses like us, it’s also a matter of pricing. With Lodgit we found what we were looking for."