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More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

"The hotel software Lodgit Desk (which we lovingly call 'Lotte') makes our work so much easier: No matter if it’s writing offers or planning reservations, everything is done in just a few steps. Also the extensive lists and evaluations that can be generated are very helpful."

"Lodgit - Thats how hotel software is done today! I very much enjoy working with the thought out, neatly arranged and intuitive interface that Lodgit offers. Especially well-made are the guest management and the statistics and evaluations!"

"Lodgit Desk successfully proves itself with our everyday work. We're especially happy about the very good and free support: Every question is quickly and very competently answered. Also the software is continuously being enhanced and extended by useful features."

"Among dozens of available hotel software products on the market, we chose Lodgit Desk for its easy and fully customizable interface, its very affordable price and its many powerful features that can otherwise only be found in competitor’s products that are about 10 times more expensive."