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More and more hoteliers are using Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software of choice. Here you can read why some believe it's the best hotel management software available:

Anne Bohn-Kiebel, Wein & Gut Kiebel

"We run a small family business - a guesthouse with attached winery and event area. As the owner, we do almost everything ourselves, from planning, marketing and sales to implementation, a good hotel software was very important to us to relieve the workload. I spent a whole winter dealing with the topic, testing various products and fortunately deciding on Lodgit Desk..."

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Richard Lehmann, City Hotel Würzburg

"We have been using Lodgit software since 2016 and are very satisfied. The many personal settings and the smooth and easy working with Lodgit Desk makes our everyday life easier..."

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Cong Ho Thanh, Zollikof Aparts

"The software is very clear and even for hotel newcomers like us very well suited. The program is relatively simple and self-explanatory, so after a free trial period (1 month) we decided to use Lodgit Desk. All necessary functions are available..."

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