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Guest Houses / Bed & Breakfast
Country Hotels / Inns
Holiday Resorts
Vacation Rentals / Holiday Apartments
Aparthotels / Apartels
Travel Agencies
Hostels / Backpackers' Lodges
Boarding Houses
Conference Hotels
Camping Sites

Used around the world

See in which countries around the world Lodgit Desk is helping accomodation businesses boost their success and simplify their everyday tasks:

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Users testimonials for Lodgit Desk:

More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

Christopher Koch, Hotel Zur Fichtenbreite

We are thrilled with the Lodgit hotel software. After weeks of looking we discovered this program. We are a family hotel with 30 rooms. This hotel program has a lot of extras and is easy to use and you can even set it up by yourself. Other hotel softwares are so complex and complicated that a someone from company X has to come and set it up first so that you have to spend a lot of money before you even use it. Lodgit Desk can keep up with bigger hotel programs and, in my opinion, can do even more. The software updates are also fantastic. User needs are met 100%. Keep going like that…!
We will stick with it!!!"

Christopher Koch, Hotel Zur Fichtenbreite, Germany

Petra Wittenberg, ARTE|P|73 - Gästehaus + Pension

Finally I have found a hotel software that suits my business. Lodgit Desk has helped improve my workday. I offer many different accommodations: rooms, apartments, houses and most are at different locations. The hotel software is quite flexible and fits perfectly to what I do, saves me a lot of time and still always gives me an overview over everything. Lodgit Desk is very intuitive and very easy to use for everyone. I am very happy to have chosen Lodgit. Now, my workday is fun again!

Petra Wittenberg, ARTE|P|73, Germany

Anja Lötsch, Begegnungs- und Bildungsstätte Scheibenberg

Being a holiday home of the protestant methodist church we were looking for a reservation software that’s both affordable but also suits the needs of our house. We have different types of rooms and three additional holiday houses as well as other spaces to rent out. The reservation software has to be able to adapt to that which is no problem for Lodgit Desk. We also have different VAT rates - even that can be realized with Lodgit Desk. I set up everything on my own because handling Lodgit Desk is very logical and easy - a word of praise to the developers. It really makes my work much easier. From doing reservations to managing guest data and invoices. I’m thrilled.”

Anja Lötsch, Begegnungs- und Bildungsstätte Scheibenberg, Germany