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Aparthotels / Apartels
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Users testimonials for Lodgit Desk:

More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park

I’ve been working in the hotel industry for 20 years, have thus worked with quite a number of reservation systems and have never been as satisfied with any of them as I am now working with Lodgit Desk!
1. Lodgit is great value for money - the cost-benefit ratio is simply unbeatable
2. Working with the software is really easy, Lodgit is designed logically and intuitively so that new staff only need very little training.
3. The cooperation between Lodgit and the channel manager partner is perfect
4. The customer service is exceptionally competent, patient, quick and friendly at the same time (which unfortunately is not longer a matter of course nowadays)
5. You are helped immediately
6. The manual is also not a „normal“ instruction manual but structured and designed very comprehensibly and always a great help with practical advice.
7. For me Lodgit now is the only reservation system to come into question and I recommend it wholeheartedly“

Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park, Bad Münster, Germany

Daniel Kück, Pension Kück

I invested a lot of time and energy in the search for a hotel software that suits my needs. Lodgit Desk has fascinated me right from the start. Functionality, usability, comprehensibility. Everything is done very well! I also tried other products as thoroughly as possible but did not find any other software that would have been an alternative for me.
I have not regretted the decision for Lodgit Desk during the first months of using it on a daily basis. My workflow has become faster and more efficient thanks to the software. The quick to respond, friendly and competent support team is the icing on the cake with this software and should not go unmentioned. Thanks to Lodgit I now have more time for my guests.“

Daniel Kück, Pension Kück, Büsum, Germany

Annemarie Pfaffenberger, Hagerhof

We’ve been looking for our own, affordable Online Booking Engine for our holiday apartments. Mainly to avoid the hefty commission fees charged by the major booking channels. The outcome of this search was not only a Booking Engine but a brand new, bilingual website for us. Including an inquiry form, a booking calendar, Lodgit’s Online Booking Engine and an integrated Google Map. The most exciting feature for us is clearly the Online Booking Engine: Will Mr. Bockelmann (CEO of Dibomedia, the company behind Lodgit Desk) be able to provide us with a system that suits the needs of our 10 individual apartments? After all our prices differ between three seasons and we have a different base price for two persons. We also have surcharges for additional guests which differ between three child age groups - which themselves are also different depending on the current season. Never mind how complicated that sonds: Yes, Mr Bockelmann was able to, it all worked out well and the system is up and running. 

We would also like to approvingly note the fact that both our Booking Engine as well as the confirmations which are sent out just look great! The engine itself can be individually configured and designed to seamlessly blend in with our website. Adding photos and more is as easy as anything. The support provided by Dibomedia is fabulous! When we send them an e-mail with a question we get an answer with the solution back in a flash. Phone support is also always friendly, quick and expedient. It’s also very reassuring to know that with Dibomedia we have an experienced partner at hand who thoroughly checks the content of both our website as well as the booking engine from a legal point of view. We can only recommend working with Mr. Bockelmann and his team. And besides: People who book their stay online are usually also fuss-free during their stay."

Annemarie Pfaffenberger, Hagerhof Chiemsee, Eggstätt, Deutschland