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More and more hoteliers are using Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software of choice. Here you can read why some believe it's the best hotel management software available:

Hendrik Stief, Zum Grünen Tor

"We wanted to simplify the administration of our holistic pension with five rooms and two holiday apartments with a software that is written with love for detail and passion. And found it with Lodgit Desk..."

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Nusret Abazi, Zimmerzentrale Stuttgart

"We are a company based in Stuttgart and we rent out different types of accommodation such as rooms in a hotel, single rooms in a large house with shared bathroom, apartments, guesthouses and craftsmen's accommodation. As we work with different partners and portals, our core business is therefore very broad and complex. It took a long time and a lot of time and nerves to find the right software. LODGIT meets our most important requirements and also has a very simple, self-explanatory interface..."

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Josefin Lein, Villa Schwalbe

"While searching for a suitable hotel program for our small house I stumbled across Lodgit by chance. In the references I read the reference to the possibility of linking with our accounting system (Monkey Office) and since the price-performance ratio is good, I decided for Lodgit..."

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