Lodgit Desk review: Michael Buchheim, Hotel "Augsburger Hof"

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Michael Buchheim, Hotel "Augsburger Hof"

"As I have been using your program for 9 years now and am absolutely satisfied, I hope that your customer base will continue to grow.
Apart from the fact that your program does everything you would expect from a hotel room planner, it facilitates my daily work enormously.

Whether it's accounting, all the lists that show me what's happened or what to do next, the simple design of the layout and all settings, which are all very useful and even for amateurs, the absolutely simple correspondence with the guests and much more is no problem.

And what I particularly like is your commitment when I confront you with a problem. Your whole Team is friendly, courteous and competent."

Michael Buchheim, Hotel "Augsburger Hof", Landsberg/Lech, Germany

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