Lodgit Desk Review: Manuela Wittmann, Reisedienst Wittmann

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Manuela Wittmann, Reisedienst Wittmann

"I really enjoy working with Lodgit Desk because the guest management and the creation of new bookings is so clearly laid out. I can determine all important data (occupancy, statistics, figures, agents and more) with Lodgit.

For all daily tasks, the check-in and check-out lists with booking notes as well as the cleaning list and, of course, the offer and confirmation modules are indispensable. I manage two holiday resorts and it’s really easy to enter both objects into Lodgit and manage them individually.

I really am completely satisfied with the software, particularly with the support, the updates and especially with the service by Mr Bockelmann personally who immediately sends me a very detailed answer to any question. Thank you!"

Manuela Wittmann, Reisedienst Wittmann, Germany

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