Lodgit Desk user review: Lisa Grage, LG Residenz

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Lisa Grage, LG Residenz

"In 2015, we launched our small holiday home complex. Since we added a completely new branch to this business, we did not have any experience or recommendations in advance. So we spent a lot of time researching a hotel management software that was fair in terms of cost, but also offered a wide range of functions. It should also be able to "grow" with us, both in the management of the number of holiday homes and in the additional modules. In the end, we chose Lodgit.

The software seemed suitable for our company. The fact that we had made the right choice, showed up in the immediately following time, but also to this day.
The software impresses with its clear structure, good clarity and especially with its intuitive handling. You can get to know and use most of the functions in a very manageable time. The application is even explained to our non-German speaking trainees quickly and they can use the program safely.

In time we changed from a local solution to a server solution and afterwards we connected a channel manager. Lodgit implemented our functional enhancements quickly and easily.

Conclusion: We enjoy working with Lodgit software - all our requirements are covered. The pricing is reasonable and fair. Customer service is personal, friendly and efficient, questions are answered promptly and we always try to solve any problems as quickly as possible. We can recommend Lodgit out of conviction."

Lisa Grage, LG Residenz, Spain

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