Lodgit Desk review: Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park

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Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park

"I’ve been working in the hotel industry for 20 years, have thus worked with quite a number of reservation systems and have never been as satisfied with any of them as I am now working with Lodgit Desk!

  1. Lodgit is great value for money - the cost-benefit ratio is simply unbeatable
  2. Working with the software is really easy, Lodgit is designed logically and intuitively so that new staff only need very little training.
  3. The cooperation between Lodgit and the channel manager partner is perfect
  4. The customer service is exceptionally competent, patient, quick and friendly at the same time (which unfortunately is not longer a matter of course nowadays)
  5. You are helped immediately
  6. The manual is also not a „normal“ instruction manual but structured and designed very comprehensibly and always a great help with practical advice.
  7. For me Lodgit now is the only reservation system to come into question and I recommend it wholeheartedly"

Sabine Mergelmeyer, Haumann's Hotel am Park, Bad Münster, Germany


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