Lodgit Desk User Review: Christian Führer, Haus Führer

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Christian Führer, Haus Führer

We are managing two holiday apartments in Füssen, Germany and have been using Lodgit Desk since April 2012.

This software has proven itself to be incredibly useful, easy-to-use and perfectly reliable. Managing our guest bookings, writing offers, confirmation, invoices is very easy and fast. The software's setup is clear and we found our way around quickly. Bookings can be created in a flash.

The software offers all statistics we need and has surely a lot more features than we will ever use. At the same time, it's easy and intuitive to use and we never needed any time-consuming instructions or schooling.

We have recently set up the online calendar on our website www.haus-fuehrer.com and are using the Online-Module for that. It doesn't take long after we've input a booking for the online calendar to reflect these changes – without us having to do anything. Once set up it just works. Integrating the calendar into our website was also very easy and quick. That's how software should be!

We appreciate that the software is constantly being improved and updates are available automatically. The updates have always worked perfectly. We can only congratulate everyone that chooses to use and work with this software."

Christian Führer, Haus Führer, Germany

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