Lodgit User Review: Alexander Römer, Hotel zum Zauberkabinett

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Alexander Römer, Hotel zum Zauberkabinett

"We had been asking ourselves for quite a while whether we should start using hotel software. After switching to the Mac platform, it was even harder to find something appropriate. For small lodging businesses like us, it’s also a matter of pricing. With Lodgit we found what we were looking for.

The value for money ratio is excellent. Its features and possibilities are well thought out - but the ultimate advantage is the excellent service. Even for smaller questions they are always very patient, offer a good availability and all that even during the trial period when we hadn’t even had bought the product yet.

In a nutshell: Absolutely recommendable, especially for smaller businesses and Mac users."

Alexander Römer, Hotel zum Zauberkabinett, Germany

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