Lodgit Desk Review: Alex Theisen, Triple B Resort Cebu

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Alex Theisen, Triple B Resort Cebu

"We want everyone to know that Lodgit also has a first class support and service team. The wonderful hotel software itself is a great tool and with this fast support it receives a certain 'fun factor'. You always do everything to show the non-programming mind all that Lodgit has to offer so that we can use it in its entirety.

It would be great if one or the other global player were to look to Lodgit as an example or, even better, the market itself would decide on solutions like Lodgit instead of just following the herd and buying whatever the media and marketing tells them to.

Since our house is in the Philippines, we are more than happy with the fast service, without which we could not have gotten the right reservation system."

Alex Theisen, Triple B Resort Cebu, Phillipines

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