Book directly using occupancy view

Reservation schedule for your accommodations

The intelligent graphical reservation schedule is the centerpiece of Lodgit Desk. Not only does it offer you an overview but also gives you direct access to all of of your bookings across all your objects - be it a hotel, a guesthouse, multiple holiday homes, boarding houses or other accommodations of all kinds. 

These are the advantages the reservation schedule offers:

  • Reception window: The quick overview of your rentable units and their occupation
  • Draw in new bookings quickly via Drag'n'Drop
  • Move, extend or shorten a booking with a click of your mouse
  • Move guests after they checked in by splitting bookings
  • Change the status of a booking right in the overview
  • Create offers, confirmations and invoices simply with a right click on a booking
  • Flexible scaling of the schedule using the slider bar
  • Individually define the colors of objects/rentable units and status
  • Jump to a certain date by scrolling the schedule or using keyboard shortcuts
  • Search for vacant rooms with ease and have free accommodations of certain or all categories automatically displayed and highlighted
  • Combine multiple bookings to a group booking and extend or modify the group afterwards if necessary

Control- and filter functions of the left sidebar

  • List of all checked in guests (as well as of guests that will check in or out today) with a hint if they're frequent visitors and potential guest notes
  • Temporarily mask out single objects or room types/categories in the reservation schedule e.g. to have only shown all singles (cf. our video tutorials)
  • Only display all vacant rooms for a certain timeframe or highlight them
  • Display vacant capacities of a room type/category after a search query
  • Quickly displaying the occupation rate of an object for a given timeframe

Booking list for the daily hotel management

The booking list below the reservation schedule tremendously simplifies your every day task thanks to it's filter functions:

You can quickly display bookings according to certain criteria (such as bookings items that haven't been invoiced yet or new online bookings) 

There also is a search function which you can use to quickly find all bookings of a certain guest, with a certain note or the like.