One hotel software for several properties

Clear and simple property management software (PMS)

With Lodgit Desk Hotel Software, you can easily manage your facilities. You need only access the property adminstration area, in which all rentable units (rooms, apartments, beds, caravans etc.) within an object (hotel, boarding house, guesthouse, youth hostel, camp site etc.) have been entered and price-tagged.

Overview of functions in the object tab:

  • Overview of all objects
  • Input, edit and delete objects
  • Edit object data
  • Input discounts for children in a unit
  • Input equipment features
  • Set online bookability
  • Assign different numberings for each object's offers, confirmations and invoices

Overview of functions in the rentable unit tab:

  • Display rentable unit data
  • Filter according to object and unit category
  • Input, edit and delete rentable units
  • Set basic pricing (per room, per person etc.), cf. pricing management
  • Assign unit categories (you can create and define your own categories)
  • Input equipment features
  • Set cleaning intervals, see cleaning list
  • Short descriptions for offers and confirmations (optional)
  • Select extra packages (e.g. breakfast, half board, etc.) which can be added automatically to any new booking made in that unit

The most important building data as well as the various units’ equipment features can be forwarded to the Lodgit online booking system (automatic synchronization), if need be, and then displayed to the guest by request on the website during the online booking process.