Remote Training and Support


Remote Support

We use the free TeamViewer tool to connect with you for training sessions and remote maintenance. It's available to download here:

Download Teamviewer

Setup Instructions

Personalised Hotel Software Training!

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We've made Lodgit Desk so intuitive that the majority of our users can quickly set it up on their own without any extra help. If users have questions or come across a problem, a query to the ticket system or a look into our FAQ is usually enough to solve the issue.

Nevertheless we are of course available should you like to seek out additional support or personalised software training, perhaps because:

✓ You would prefer to have us demonstrate how to set up Lodgit Desk Packages

✓ You have specific problems that you would prefer to be shown how to solve visually

✓ You'd like to have yourself or a new employee introduced to the the program

We are happy to assist you via the remote maintenance tool TeamViewer. And because the training takes place online, there are no travel costs involved!

Please don't hesitate to talk to us about our remote training offers.

Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Users

During a training session we address your questions and wishes individually. In a preliminary talk we clarify the topics you would like to learn about.

This allows us to skip the functions you are already familiar with and tailor the training session to your needs. Common topics of a training course are for example:

Simple, Transparent Pricing Structure

As with the prices for the Lodgit Desk licence structure, we also offer an easy-to-understand, transparent pricing model for training courses with no hidden costs.  For training courses, we charge a flat rate of 25 euros per quarter hour or part thereof (plus 16% VAT).

We discuss the duration and thus the costs of a training course with you in advance. As a rule, one to two hours are sufficient to inform you comprehensively and competently.  Lodgit Desk training is an inexpensive way to quickly familiarise yourself and your team with our software and to ensure a smooth workflow in your company.