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The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.

[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.

[NEW] A new feature in the program

Release Notes 1.15.8 to 1.15.11 (04/05/2016)

[NEW] Additional module: Kassa Austria RKSV: Interface to the EPOS cBird in order to comply with the Austrian Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung (RKSV)

[NEW] It can now be specified if the number of the cancelled invoice should be displayed next to the number of the cancellation credit in the accounting export

[NEW] The number of the cancelled invoice is now displayed next to the number of the cancellation credit in the booking window and the archives

[NEW] The booking list can now be printed out and exported as PDF, CSV or Excel file

[NEW] Settings of the reservation schedule: Displaying the mouse-over tooltips for bookings can be deactivated

[NEW] Booking windows > Services: The discounted price is now displayed next to the accommodation price

[NEW] Notes of the main- and accompanying contacts are now displayed in the "General" section of the booking window

[CHANGED] Amounts in newly created cancellation credits are now displayed as negative values

[CHANGED] Renamed certain price units and modified their order

[CHANGED] Improved the order of how rules in the price management are applied by now also considering the price itself. Previously: "From-date, Created on date". Now: "From-date, Price, Created-on date"

[CHANGED] An existing discount of a main booking is now also applied when creating or extending a group booking

[CHANGED] Option: "Only show deposit payments in final invoice" is no longer available as this option frequently lead to errors in the financials

[CHANGED] The price assistant now detects the maximum number of persons per selected object/category/room

[CHANGED] Automatically meaningfully adapting the check-in date when modifying the check out-date and vice versa

[CHANGED] When adding a predefined deposit to a booking the description text is now pre-populated

[FIXED] Certain texts in the text management were not saved properly

[FIXED] It was not possible to delete a label via the reservation schedule

[FIXED] Wrong error message was displayed when the CSV export failed

[FIXED] Editing screen for extra items that have been invoiced was still active

[FIXED] When changing the main contact an applicable discount will now again be applied to all group members

[FIXED] Selection rectangle in the reservation schedule was no longer visible

[FIXED] It was not possible to delete a received on date for deposits without deposit invoices

[FIXED] Resetting the dates in case of wrong entries in certain lists

[FIXED] A change of recipient of packages in the booking window was not detected

[FIXED] Saving an image for the letterhead was no longer possible in server mode

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when duplicating prices when the check-in or check-out date was missing

[FIXED] Improved error handling when no folders were specified for the EPOS interface or the specified folders did no longer exist

[FIXED] CSV export of the list of letters in the archives was not possible

[FIXED] The CSV export of the cancellation credits (archives) exported the letters instead

[FIXED] Tax keys were attributed incorrectly for the DATEV export

[FIXED] The object management can again be opened via the menu

[FIXED] Details of some items were not always printed when tax, amount and price had the value 0

[FIXED] Indication error after syncing on Windows

[FIXED] Indication error when showing the booking list below the reservation schedule

Release Notes 1.15.7 (02/10/2016)

[NEW] Cancellation refunds now have an own numbering

[NEW] Added an icon to indicate if automatic sync has been turned on

[NEW] Added an icon to indicate if an error has occurred with the last attempt to automatically sync 

[NEW] When closing the price management incomplete price definitions can now easily be discarded

[NEW] Added placeholders for the check-in and check-out time of a main booking to use in the beginning and finishing paragraphs of offers, confirmations and invoices

[NEW] Added a placeholder for the booking numbers, check-in and check-out date in the texts for deposits

[NEW] You can now define which unsaved changes in the booking window should be saved automatically

[NEW] New setting to define if the open items for accommodation and extra items should be pre-selected alongside the deposit items when opening the create deposit invoice window

[CHANGED] Switching off the option "Show status window when automatically synchronizing" now also suppresses a pop up window displaying if an error occurred

[CHANGED] Displaying a pop up window to indicate if exporting lists as .csv or .xsls (Excel) has succeeded or failed

[CHANGED] Improved error-handling when entering dates into lists

[FIXED] The last valid offer was not properly set to the "Valid" status after having created a confirmation

[FIXED] When creating a new offer not all confirmations attributed to the booking were properly set to the "Invalid" status

[FIXED] When creating a new booking using the menu item "Bookings... > New" the check-in and check-out times will now be automatically set according to the settings in object management when assigning a rentable unit

[FIXED] Creating an electronic registration form is now again possible via the booking window

[FIXED] Fixed flashing tooltip error in the reservation schedule on Windows

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when starting Lodgit in database server mode.

Release Notes 1.15.6 (01/25/2016)

[CHANGED] The booking assistant now displays a message when no vacant rentable unit was found in the requested search timeframe

[CHANGED] Added validation to check if an image file for the letter header is corrupted/readable

[CHANGED] When closing the invoice window the booking window will no longer be re-initialized if only the invoice preview has been opened but no actual invoice has been created

[CHANGED] Changes to the booking window can now be saved by pressing ctrl+s (windows) and cmd+s (MacOSX)

[CHANGED] Changed the display order of overbooking in the reservation schedule. The booking which has been created latest will now always be displayed on top when refreshing the schedule.

[CHANGED] Addition to the POS interface "Protel-compatible". The 5th parameter of the line G will now be taken into account and interpreted as the product name when reading the roombook.dat file.

[CHANGED] The notification for overbookings can now be deactivated for certain booking status

[CHANGED] Updated the watermarking of invoice preview prints.

[CHANGED] It is now possible to create offers/confirmations/invoices when both a main contact as well as a rentable unit was assigned to a booking regardless of the booking status

[CHANGED] Automatically saving unsaved changes to the booking data when creating offers/confirmations/invoices in the booking window.

[CHANGED] Datumseingabe für An- und Abreise im Buchungsfenster überarbeitet

[FIXED] Creating tickets inside Lodgit Desk is now possible again.

[FIXED] For deposits with deposits invoice the "paid on" date could be set manually.

[FIXED] Deposits could be invoiced in the final invoice under some circumstances when the corresponding deposit invoice was still open. 

[FIXED] Bookings with the status "Cancelled Online Booking" can now no longer be edited. Buchungen im Status "Stornierte Online-Buchung" können nun nicht mehr bearbeitet werden.

[FIXED] Cancelling an electronic AVS registration form was not possible

[FIXED] When creating bookings with the booking assistant the setting "is a guest" will now be selected again by default.

[FIXED] Received deposits will now be displayed correctly in the overview section of the booking window.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances an internal error occurred when closing all open booking windows via the menu "windows".

[FIXED] When changing the database (work database <-> test database, server mode <-> local mode) an internal error occurred under certain circumstances.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances invoices for an online booking were always created in German even if the booking language was actually set to a different language Unter Umständen war die Sprache der Rechnungen bei Onlinebuchungen "Deutsch" auch wenn in der Buchung eine andere Sprache eingestellt war.

[FIXED] Changing the time frames of prices (price management, channel manager > prices) produced an internal error in rare cases

[FIXED] Sending an electronic registration form was not possible when any guest data contained an apostrophe

[FIXED] Internal error when the folder to save PDF files in did no longer exist

[FIXED] In very rare cases an internal error occurred when refreshing the reservation schedule or selecting bookings in the schedule

[FIXED] Creating/deleting/changing group bookings will now cancel all offers and confirmations of bookings affected.

[FIXED] Button in the booking window to open the settings window for the electronic registration forms is now working again

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances an internal error occurred when switching between local and server database or reconnecting to the server database.

[FIXED] Ein Löschen der Online-Zahlungsdaten bei Onlinebuchungen war nicht mehr möglich.

Release Notes 1.15.5 (12/16/2015)

[FIXED] Changing the price unit for the accommodation in the booking window was no longer working.

Release Notes 1.15.4 (12/15/2015)

[CHANDED] Guest Managament > Guest Profile: When adding a new entry under "Additional info", the option for "travel document" will be selected first

[CHANDED] The Maximize button is now active for all resizable windows

[FIXED] Button for printing electronic registration forms wasn't active

[FIXED] When doing a dunning run, the texts were sometimes not loaded correctly from the Text Management.

[FIXED] When adding an extra item to a booking that didn't have a price unit, Lodgit produced an internal error

[FIXED] In rare cases, synchronization caused an internal error

[FIXED] Imported online booking didn't always show the correct end total in the booking window statistics until the booking was edited.

[FIXED] When combining extras and/or packages to a new package in the booking window, the new package had a strange name.

Release Notes 1.15.2 and 1.15.3 (12/10/2015)

[CHANGED] Options "Always show all units" and "non-affected bookings" in the Cleaning List for the current day improved

[CHANGED] Display of tax rate in the list of extras/packages in the booking window

[CHANGED] Warning whenever the departure date of a checked out booking is in the future

[FIXED] When combining price time frames, the time frames weren't deleted correctly.

[FIXED] Warning that changes were made by a third party showed up incorrectly

[FIXED] Deleting and editing extras/packages was sometimes not possible

[FIXED] Display error when printing the daily cleaning list

[FIXED] Booking with today's arrival date could not be set to "Checked In" in the booking window

[FIXED] Display error in the window for sending tickets

Release Notes 1.15.1 (12/09/2015)

[NEW] Complete overhaul of the booking window

[NEW] Amounts displayed in first view of the booking window

[NEW] The booking window now contains an Overview page

[NEW] Whether a booking is an "overbooking" will now be displayed within the booking window. When changing the dtae range or rentable unit, the overbooking status will be recalculated

[NEW] Locking a booking can now be done separately for the date range and the rentable unit.

[NEW] Flexible date range for the Deposit List

[CHANGED] Online bookings without a unit will now have a fixed date range (no fixed unit)

[CHANGED] Draft invoices will be better marked as such

[FIXED] When creating a PDF on a Windows system, the PDF was sometimes not created whenever the location or name of the file was changed

[FIXED] Booking weren't always unlocked properly on the server modus after the user was finished editing them

[FIXED] When printing/creating offers/confirmations/invoices containing city tax, there sometimes was an internal error

[FIXED] Display error in the side bar whenever the sidebar was hidden and the window preferences were reset

[FIXED] The extras option to adjust the number of people whenever the booking was changed wasn't used properly

Release Notes 1.14.17 (11/06/2015)

[CHANGED] Group Bookings: If a main contact is listed in several bookings as a guest, the "Is A Guest" tag will be added to each booking.

[FIXED] Duplicating/Splitting a booking with city tax was not possible.

[FIXED] When opening the Financials, the analysis wasn't shown in some cases.

[FIXED] In some cases, the Guest History of the Bookings was empty, even if the guest was listed in a booking.

[FIXED] Performance Indicator Chart: When selecting a year, the chart showed one too many months.

[FIXED] In some cases, generating a PDF file caused an internal error

[FIXED] When opening/closing a booking window, there's now a check for whether the booking could be found.

Release Notes 1.14.16 (11/02/2015)

[NEW] The number of units added into the database is now listed in the Software Activation dialogue.

[FIXED] When opening the menu "Bookings", an internal error occurred

Release Notes 1.14.15 (10/29/2015)

[NEW] You can now create a support ticket from within Lodgit Desk

[CHANGED] Electronic Registration System: The settings are now in the Preferences and the lists under Lists

[CHANGED] Overbookings are now displayed better in the context menu of the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Automatic search in the lists now require a full 4-digit year date

[CHANGED] Pre-set payment methods can now be deactivated

[CHANGED] Invoices without payment method: If an invoice was accidentally created without a payment method, it will now be shown in the Financial Reports. Those invoices cannot be cancelled or set to "paid".

[CHANGED] Better overview over the license in the Software Activation Window

[CHANGED] Selection for details in the cleaning list now easier

[CHANGED] Cleaning: A cleaning interval depending on weekdays as well as "on arrival and final cleaning" added

[CHANGED] Texts: Texts for the City Tax is displayed easier

[CHANGED] Space between email text and email signature was reduced to one line

[CHANGED] Names of rentable units are now displayed only up to 40 characters in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] When printing a weekly cleaning list, the dates are now displayed above the weekdays

[FIXED] The license allotments weren't interpreted properly.

[FIXED] The link to an offer/confirmation wasn't always set correctly in the booking

[FIXED] Expired offers weren't always displayed "faded out"

[FIXED] Sums in the List of Outstanding Invoices are now updated automatically as soon as changes are made to an invoice

[FIXED] When a booking was moved to another unit, the occupancy rate and list of vacant units in the sidebar wasn't always updated

[FIXED] In very rare cases, a guest of an online booking wasn't set correctly

[FIXED] Automatic sending of data to review portals wasn't working

[FIXED] In the cashbook archives, cancellations with deposits (without deposit invoices) weren't always displayed correctly

[FIXED] In the Financials, deposits without invoices were shown, even if the box "invoices" wasn't checked

[FIXED] The DATEV financial export led to an internal error in the event that there was an invoice with city tax

[FIXED] In very rare cases, when deactivating the city tax, it wasn't displayed correctly in future bookings.

[FIXED] In the assistant for Price Management, the prices weren't always hidden correctly when unchecked

Release Notes 1.14.13 and 1.14.14 (09/24/2015)

[NEW] New registration form: "Germany"

[NEW] New template for offers/confirmations: Displaying the items without adding them up or displaying the total value

[CHANGED] On offers/confirmations/invoices using the net price template the price of each single item can now be displayed with up to six fractional digits preventing unintended rounding errors

[CHANGED] When creating a new electronic registration form the last editor will be preselected if possible

[CHANGED] When creating e-mails with PDF attachments the MacType, MimeType and MacCreator of the attachment will now be specified.

[FIXED] Invoices with net price template used the gross value of extra items

[FIXED] Offer-, confirmation-, and invoice number as well as bookings notes will be displayed again in the tooltips in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] Umlauts will now be displayed correctly in the subject lines of e-mails sent via SMTP

[FIXED] When drawing new bookings into the reservation schedule, they weren't always immediately visible.

Release Notes 1.14.12 (09/14/2015)

[NEW] Protection against accidentally changing bookings in the reservation schedule: Moving, extending or deleting bookings in the schedule can be deactivated for some or all booking statuses. 

[NEW] Possibility to define an additional currency with the respective exchange rate which can be printed on offers, confirmations and invoices additionally to the main currency. 

[NEW] Users of the "Interface: Review Portals" can now use the new review portal "iiQ-Check"

[NEW] Now displaying the date of birth when creating the electronic registration form

[NEW] Booking list: New filter for online bookings not assigned to a rentable unit

[NEW] New design templates for invoices and cancellation credits

[CHANGED] Fixed bookings can no longer be deleted

[CHANGED] Improved deleting of bookings using the delete key.

[CHANGED] Possibility to select the sender in the dunning run

[CHANGED] Removed color setting for the booking status "Overbooking"

[CHANGED] Simplified selecting a design when creating offers, confirmations, invoices and cancellation credits.

[CHANGED] Moving bookings with pressed down Shift/CMD-key is now no longer possible

[CHANGED] Replaced the help function on Windows with a PDF file

[FIXED] Texts for the dunning run were not saved correctly

[FIXED] Missing column spacing in the detail view of the Agent Statistics

[FIXED] When duplicating or splitting a booking some information was not properly sent to the channel manager

[FIXED] Automatic deleting of outdated backups

[FIXED] Reworked the compilation of data for CustomerAlliance

[FIXED] Reworked the interpretation of error messages from CustomerAlliance.

[FIXED] Internal error occurred when opening the settings window for electronic registration forms

[FIXED] Non identifiable errors produced an empty error window during sync 

[FIXED] Sending E-Mails: Displaying the error messages for MAPI-errors lead to an internal error

[FIXED] Channel manager: Removing the mapping of extras/packages was not possible

[FIXED] Internal error on Windows 10 when opening the settings for objects and rentable units

[FIXED] The license status was not correctly checked when opening the settings window for the electronic registration forms

[FIXED] In very rare cases rounding errors occurred when calculating the lodging price with pricing units "per week", "per week/person". Internally they were always rounded to two decimal places. Warning: Offers, confirmations and invoices that have already been created will not be subsequently corrected. 

[FIXED] In very rare cases the room names were not displayed properly in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] Inclusive items were not properly considered on deposit invoices when they had already been invoiced. 

[FIXED] Internal error when deleting guests in the booking window using shortcuts

[FIXED] Reactivated automatic allocation of packages when moving bookings in the tentative status

Release Notes 1.14.10 - 1.14.11 (06/16/2015)

[CHANGED] Financial Export for DATEV Pro now only exports the BU keys for manual cash expenses.

[FIXED] Deleting the main booking of a group caused an internal error.

[FIXED] When deleting the main booking of a group, a new main booking wasn't always elected.

[FIXED] Guest History: Bookings from previous years weren't displayed if the guest was only main contact of a booking but wasn't listed as arriving guest.

[FIXED] Mac OS X 10.7 and Windows Vista couldn't synchronize properly.

Release Notes 1.14.7 - 1.14.9 (09/06/2015)

[NEW] Statistics for City Tax

[FIXED] In some cases, overbookings weren't correctly displayed in the filtered booking list.

[FIXED] Removing a booking from a group caused an error message in rare cases.

[FIXED] Booking Assistant: When creating a group booking, the main contact wasn't listed as arriving guest in the booking.

[FIXED] The booking list was always displayed during software launch, even if it had been hidden on the last use.

[FIXED] Interface Review Portals: The connection to CustomerAlliance is now working again.

[FIXED] Guest History: Bookings from previous and following years are now displayed correctly.

[FIXED] When searching for vacant units in the reservation schedule, the highlighted area was a day too long.

[FIXED] Deleting a booking without a main contact caused an error

[FIXED] No bookings were displayed in the daily overview of the cleaning list

[FIXED] The towel change was not displayed properly in the weekly/monthly overview of the cleaning list

Release Notes 1.14.5 and 1.14.6 (20/05/2015)

[NEW] Financial Export now offer DATEV-compatible export

[NEW] New placeholder for the validity date of an offer with return confirmation available in the Text Management.

[NEW] In the Agent Statistics (Details) will now show the number of guests in each booking.

[NEW] When creating offers and confirmations, users can now decide to immediately lock a booking after creation.

[CHANGED] Electronic Registration System Ferate: Now sends type of guests for each guest

[CHANGED] EPOS systems interface: File for checked-in guests can optionally be ended with a carriage return

[CHANGED] EPOS systems interface: File for checked-in guests will now be updated as soon as a booking status is changed to or from "Checked In", the tme frame, main contact or arriving guests of a checked in booking are changed.

[CHANGED] Arrival and departure time fields now save times better.

[CHANGED] Changed a few error and warning texts in windows and error messages.

[CHANGED] Upon first installation of Lodgit Desk, the database will be initialized faster

[CHANGED] When creating a deposit invoice, only the deposits will now be selected in the invoice window.

[CHANGED] Bookings that came in through the channel manager and couldn't be entered directly into the reservation schedule will now show the channel object ID and/or channel object name, if possible.

[CHANGED] Invoice window: Selecting numbering circles and cancelled invoice numbers is now more intuitive

[CHANGED] For group bookings you can now create any correspondence according to the status of the main booking and the booking you've opened.

[CHANGED] When an online booking comes in that cannot be immediately drawn into the reservation schedule, it will not be automatically locked (not matter the preferences).

[FIXED] Rounding process for the tax amounts was adjusted to prevent errors for large invoices with many small items.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule can now be smoothly pulled to the left and right again.

[FIXED] When printing the Financial Reports, the footer wasn't printed on pages 2 and further

[FIXED] In very rare cases, the update process of the database ended with an error message.

[FIXED] When using a cancelled invoice number, the last number of the numbering circle was sometimes counted upwards.

[FIXED] When a group booking was dissolved, sometimes the main contact of other bookings was removed.

[FIXED] Display error in the window "Synchronization and Online Modules" fixed

[FIXED] Windows: When exporting the lists or guest files into Excel files, special characters in the file names were sometimes not displayed correctly.

[FIXED] Synchronization failed with an error message when the booking list contained online bookings not assigned to a rentable unit

Release Notes 1.14.4 (03/25/2015)

[NEW] You can now define for each computer whether or not they're processing the automatic synchronization with the online modules. We recommend synchronizing automatically only with computers that have a stable internet connection.

[NEW] Time of the last successful synchronization now displayed unter "Synchronization and Online Modules"

[CHANGED] Maximum image dimensions for letter head is now 1400x2000px.

[CHANGED] Smallest synchronization interval is now 10 minutes.

[CHANGED] If bookings with the status "Booked", "Checked In" and "Checked Out" belong to a group whose main booking has a lower status, you can now create an invoice for the group regardless.

[FIXED] Error when cancelling invoices if the cancellation was only saved as a PDF document.

[FIXED] When creating bookings via the Booking Assistant, the booking label wasn't immediately displayed.

[FIXED] In the booking window under "Label/Tag", the selection for the booking label wasn't saved correctly.

[FIXED] In very rare cases bookings were imported into the reservation schedule twice.

[FIXED] The error message for a failed synchronization process was displayed multiple times.

[FIXED] During the first initialization of Lodgit Desk the values in the Preferences window weren't set correctly.

[FIXED] MacOS X: Help menu item wasn't visible.

Release Notes 1.14.3 (03/17/2015)

[CHANGED] fundamental impovements of e-mail delivery via SMTP (Windows, MacOSX) and MAPI (Windows)

[CHANGED] The booking number is now shown in the group section of the booking window as well as in the booking list (below the reservation schedule)

[CHANGED] Changed the hotspot of the pen- and hand cursors in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Letter layouts: Limited the maximum image size (in pixels) of the header/logo graphic

Release Notes 1.14.2 (09/03/2015)

[NEW] Assistant for adding category and unit prices

[NEW] Online bookings can now be automatically fixed as soon as they're imported.

[CHANGED] Reservation Schedule: font size of unit names bigger

[CHANGED] Price units of extra items: Unit "per night" is now "per night (Qty from date)"; only "per night" will be printed out. The same happens for the units "per day", "per week", "per month" and "per year".

[FIXED] In some cases using the database server was quite slow.

[FIXED] Window when quitting the software (Create backup yes/no) can no longer be put into the background.

Release Notes 1.14.1 (03/02/2015)

[NEW] Mac OS X: Move from Carbon to Cocoa; supports now only for OS X 10.7 and newer

[NEW] Emails can now be sent with an encryption (tls/ssl).

[NEW] Unit category is now listed (in short) in the title bar of a booking window.

[NEW] It's now easier to re-use numbers of formerly cancelled invoices.

[NEW] User can select numbering set when creating an invoice

[NEW] Booking List: Last filter setting will be remembered upon re-opening the software

[NEW] Booking Window: Show paid on or pay by date in the list of invoices

[NEW] Siteminder: Select server of each region

[NEW] The accounting export will now display an error message if an account number is 0

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices: Invoices can now be hidden manually

[NEW] Letter layouts can now be defined separately for offers, confirmations and invoices

[NEW] Default location for saving PDF files can now be set manually

[NEW] EPOS System Interface: Generating the files GWCHECKIN.dat or INHOUSE.dat immediately upon switching a booking's status to "Checked In" (formerly 2 minutes)

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Bookings with the status "Disabled" no longer need a main contact

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Bookings with the status "Disabled" will not be added as groups

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Improved date entry

[CHANGED] Bookings with the length of one day are displayed better in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: Improved error messages

[FIXED] Incorrect correspondence language when creating new bookings with the booking assistant

[FIXED] Error when trying to display lists with the time frame 'all years'

[FIXED] Error when creating a new database and receiving UDP messages at the same time

[FIXED] Local backups are not created when the database server is used, as the cubeSQL server is responsible for creating updates then.

[FIXED] Error when doing the automatic update

[FIXED] Lodgit Desk quit whenever the connection to the database server couldn't be established.

[FIXED] When adding a new guest, communication data of an old guest was sometimes added.

[FIXED] Error when duplicating rentable units

[FIXED] Error while opening the administration window of "Synchronization and Online Modules"

[FIXED] No result when selecting the time frame All/All in the archives

[FIXED] Duplicated display of the context menu

[FIXED] Drop down menus in the booking list weren't initialized properly

[FIXED] Display error in the reservation schedule when displaying very long bookings

Release Notes 1.13.7 (01/07/2015)

[NEW] Interface for Channel Manager Siteminder

[NEW] Channel Manager: The channel manager category of each online booking is now listed within the info area "Online Booking" in the booking window.

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: You can now add a new booking with the status Tentative without having to add a main contact.

[FIXED] WHen trying to crate a group booking in the reservation schedules, the names of the main contacts were sometimes displayed twice.

[FIXED] When creating an offer with city tax (displayed underneath the accommodation), the values weren't printed correctly.

[FIXED] When a guest import via CSV file was cancelled, the import dialogue opened itself anyway.

Release Notes 1.13.6 (12/22/2014)

[NEW] Towel and linen change interval can now be set independently from the cleaning interval.

[CHANGED] In the overviews of the Check-In and Check-Out lists, booking notes will no longer display line breaks. When printed, the lines will be shown.

[FIXED] In rare cases, an invoice could not be created.

[FIXED] Importing guest data from a CSV file wasn't possible.

[FIXED] In some cases when using the database server, changes made weren't immediately visible on other Lodgit installations.

Release Notes 1.13.5 (12/15/2014) 

[NEW] Date can be changed when creating letters

[NEW] Placeholders for guest name, check-in and check-out dates available in the subject line of e-mails for offers, confirmations and invoices

[NEW] Guest history can be printed

[NEW] List of open invoices can be printed

[NEW] Added "P.O. box" field to contact details in guest management

[FIXED] Windows: A wrong time was set when saving invoices with the current date as invoice date.

[FIXED] When exporting lists the created Excel files were corrupt in rare cases.

Release Notes 1.13.4 (12/09/2014) 

[NEW] When starting up Lodgit Desk or changing the database a database integrity check will be performed

[NEW] Chronological filtering options for the booking list

[NEW] CityTax: Can now be set up and added to a booking either as a percentaged or a fixed value.

[NEW] Guest import end -export: Creation date of a contact can be imported and exported as well

[CHANGED] Changed generation and displaying of charts

[CHANGED] Texts in the lodging- and extras lists

[CHANGED] Automatic incrementing of the short description numbering when creating a rentable unit

[CHANGED] When switching from the local to a server database synchronization for the local db will be switched off

[CHANGED] Additional text infos concerning certain place holders in the address format.

[CHANGED] Additional text infos in the backup settings and for various help buttons.

[CHANGED] Connection between Lodgit and the channel managers now using TLS

[CHANGED] When changing the VAT rate for a time frame in the booking details window other time frames will be attributed the same VAT rate as well.

[FIXED] Occasionally it was impossible to print the check in list.

[FIXED] On very rare occasions there was a problem printing correspondence on Mac OS X that was originally created on Windows

[FIXED] The same internal correspondence reference number was occasionally assigned multiple times

[FIXED] Paid-on date was not always properly stored for deposits with invoices.

[FIXED] In very rare cases an extra item added to a booking was not displayed in the booking window

[FIXED] A multi-object system could not be attributed to a channel manager when the channel manager was activated for one of the single objects before.

[FIXED] Online-bookings: Payment method Heidelpay was not mapped correctly for deposits

[FIXED] In the window for saving a letter template the "name" field was black.

[FIXED] Performance indicator changed to net

[FIXED] Printing the booking export has the headline "Agent statistics"

[FIXED] Wrong translation in "Allgemeiner Meldeschein 2" (EN)

[FIXED] VAT of extras was wrongly transmitted as integer when synchronizing.

[FIXED] Error with dunnings of invoices of deleted guests.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the box to enter the date was not initialized properly in the bookkeeping export.

[FIXED] When printing statistics the page number wasn't always set correctly

Release Notes 1.13.2 (06/04/2014)

[FIXED] The time frames of stays were not correctly displayed in invoices of group bookings.

[FIXED] Windows: Modifications of the error correcting of check-in and check-out dates in the case of a check out date being before the check in date

[FIXED] Filtering out of ASCII control characters when synchronizing the database

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances using the CubeSQL database server caused Lodgit Desk to freeze

Release Notes 1.13.1 (05/27/2014)

[NEW] Accounting export window now allows the usage of the tax ID instead of the tax rate

[NEW] Added interface for channel manager "MappingMaster"

[NEW] Added possibility to combine multiple objects into one multi-object system for the additional modules "Lodgit Online Systems" and "Interface: Channel Manager".

[NEW] Identical extra items (without an allocation to a package and without the "inclusive" status) can now be combined when creating offers, confirmations and invoices.

[NEW] Implemented new designs for offers, confirmations and invoices.

[NEW] Implemented a letter layout selector when creating offers, confirmations and invoices as well as for the dunning run

[NEW] Added possibility to re-select the letter layout when printing offers, confirmations and invoice anew from the archives.

[NEW] Implemented printing of return confirmations for existing offers and confirmations

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices: Display outstanding amounts according to dunning level.

[NEW] Display of the 'created on' date of a deposit in the deposits list.

[NEW] Dunning run: Taking into account already completed deposit payments for invoices without a separate deposit invoice.

[NEW] Extension of the search function in the agent statistics enabling to filter bookings either according to check-in or check-out date.

[CHANGED] Create invoice window: Simplified display of missing deposit information.

[CHANGED] Adjusted the interface for the electronic registration form system "JetWeb Feratel v5"

[CHANGED] Activated the feature "E-mail with PDF attachment" in the archives for offers, confirmations, invoices and cancellation credit letters which have only been printed or immediately saved without printing.

[CHANGED] Improved the layout of the "create offer" and "create confirmation" window

[CHANGED] Archives + Guest management history: Modifications in the context menu

[FIXED] Occupation list: Corrected the calculation of vacant time frames

[FIXED] On very rare occasions creating a letter in the guest management was not possible

[FIXED] On very rare occasions changing the letter layout in preferences was not possible

[FIXED] On very rare occasions labels of imported only bookings were not properly displayed in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] On some occasions connectivity issues occured when using a non-system-proxy.

Release Notes 1.12.6 (03/31/2014)

[NEW] Added review system "Customer Alliance".

[NEW] Added new analysis in "Financials".

[NEW] Online Bookings: Data about credit cards, wire transfer and debit can now be deleted in Lodgit Desk.

[NEW] Guest List: In addition to the booking number, the group number can now be displayed.

[CHANGED] Invoice Window: Improved handling and displaying of missing deposit payment information 

[FIXED] Labels of imported online bookings were occasionally not properly displayed in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] The automatic update from within Lodgit Desk was sometimes not possible.

[FIXED] Updating license information was sometimes not possible.

Release Notes 1.12.5 (02/25/2014)

[NEW] Booking List: New filter option "Invoices - Not Yet Paid" added.

[NEW] Guest Management > Individual Address Format: Preview of the address can now be copied through CTRL+C (Windows) or CMD+C (Mac).

[FIXED] Fixed a bug that deleted new or duplicated pricing definitions whenever old pricing definitions were deleted.

[FIXED] Creating a new booking caused an internal error in rare cases.

[FIXED] In some cases, creating invoices as Email with a PDF caused the accommodation to not be listed as invoiced.

Release Notes 1.12.4 (02/17/2014)

[NEW] Added "Hotel-Spider" as new channel manager.

[NEW] When creating a cashbook balance, the user can now set a specific date.

[NEW] Added "JetWeb Feratel" as new electronic registration system.

[NEW] Guest Management: Software now allows more settings for importing guests from CSV file.

[NEW] Reservation Schedule > Bookings: A new label option was added, so individual text can be combined with names of main contact and/or arriving guests.

[NEW] Financials: Financials can now also be displayed for a single unit.

[FIXED] In very rare cases, booking notes were not saved correctly.

[FIXED] Booking window: In rare cases, the wrong departure date was set when price time frames were split.

[FIXED] EPOS interface: In rare cases, the files could not be opened or written.

[FIXED] Deposit list: Under specific circumstances, the selection for the dates wasn't initialized correctly.

[FIXED] Financials: Under specific circumstances, the analysis area "by rentable unit" caused an internal error.

Release Notes 1.12.3 (12/03/2013)

[NEW] Added new general registration form in German.

[NEW] Added additional module "Review Portals". Interface to review portal "ReviewExpress" by Tripadvisor implemented.

[NEW] Booking window: User can now bundle extras and packages into new packages as well as dissolve existing packages

[NEW] EPOS System "Standard (PROTEL)": Imported extras can now be bundled into a package.

[NEW] Extras Management: Added import function for CSV files.

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: When importing prices from the Price Management, default occupancy and price unit are now being ignored.

[CHANGED] Financials: When a rentable unit is moved into a new object, its revenue up until the time of the move is still listed with the old object (although it's highlighted) and its new revenue will be listed with the new object.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the prices from the Price Management weren't correctly imported into a new booking

[FIXED] When printing / exporting the financials there were incorrect list titles in some cases

[FIXED] EPOS Systems > PROTEL: In very rare cases, the allocation of tax rates wasn't always possible.

Release Notes 1.12.2 (09/26/2013)

[FIXED] Accounting Export: Deposit payment without split invoices resulted in an incorrect amount for the payment of the final invoice being listed in the accounting export.

[FIXED] Online Modules: During the synchronization with the channel manager, deleted objects will no longer be taken into account.

[FIXED] Database Server: In some rare cases the non-availability of the virtual server cubeSQL caused Lodgit Desk to quit unexpectedly.

Release Notes 1.12.1 (08/26/2013)

[NEW] Preferences: User can now create custom payment methods.

[NEW] Financials: Analysis now includes custom payment methods.

[NEW] Accounting Export: Settings of account numbers for custom payment methods.

[CHANGED] Invoicing: During the creation of an invoice, user can now set a paid on date.

[CHANGED] Financials: Search can now be filtered by invoice date or paid on date.

[FIXED] Financials: In rare cases the charts couldn't be created.

[FIXED] The default occupancy for a new booking is now set to maximum occupancy again, as long as no other settings were defined in the Object Management.

Release Notes 1.12 (08/08/2013)

[NEW] Interface to the Electronic Registration System

[NEW] You can now also search the Financials by "paid on" date.

[NEW] Chart for analysis "by rentable unit" in the Financials added.

[NEW] You can now define the default occupancy for new bookings in a unit (default setting: minimum occupancy).

[NEW] When splitting a price time frame in the booking window you can now add a description.

[NEW] When creating a simple registration form you can now define up to which age the guests are considered "children".

[NEW] Visual warning in case of locked or malformed database was added.

[CHANGED] Offer window: The setting "open-ended" for the validity date will now be remembered and automatically selected during the next creation of an offer.

[CHANGED] Text Management: The amount descriptions (Total, Sub-Total) on invoices and invoice cancellations can now be defined separately, depending on whether or not a deposit is being included on the invoice.

[FIXED] In rare cases, the booking times were not listed in offer emails.

[FIXED] Object Management: In rare cases it was not possible to add a new rentable unit.

Release Notes 1.11.1 to 1.11.4 (05/14/2013)

[NEW] Synchronization settings for Online-Systems: User can now setup time frames during which rentable units may not be booked online regardless of existing bookings in the system during that time.

[NEW] List of deposits for showing all deposits in the system (settled or not).

[NEW] New analysis option in the financials to show revenue by rentable unit.

[NEW] New default options and settings for deposits (terms for due dates, default amount in percent, calculation from all bookings within a group).

[NEW] Cleaning list: now shows the number of towels and linens needed in the daily cleaning list.

[NEW] Quick search module option for the "Online Booking System".

[NEW] Implemented new payment method "Cash Deposit" for deposits without deposit invoices. This replaces the payment method "Cash". Such deposits will not be listed in the cashbook.

[NEW] Resetting the window preferences now also resets the column widths in the lists.

[NEW] When creating an invoice, the user can now also enter a specific date for the due date.

[NEW] Channel Manager DIRS21: More booking data will now be imported.

[CHANGED] The modules "Online Booking System" and "Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking" merged into the module "Online-Systems".

[CHANGED] Accounting export: will now also list deposits if option "only show in final invoice" is selected.

[CHANGED] Better performance for databases with a large amount of data

[CHANGED] The Guest Management will now list all guests whose birthdays fall into the time frame selected in the Preferences > Birthday reminders area.

[CHANGED] Text Management: The list of rentable units will now be organized divided by their objects.

[FIXED] Windows for Offers / Confirmations / Invoices: In rare cases the drop down menü for print options wasn't displayed correctly.

[FIXED] Sorting of deposits in booking window

[FIXED] In rare cases there were random items added to an invoice whenever only a deposit was listed on it.

[FIXED] Lodging List > Charts: In rare cases there were discrepancies between the numbers in the chart and those in the list.

[FIXED] Financials: Deposits with deposit invoices were sometimes listed with an incorrect payment method

[FIXED] Extra items that are linked to the booking duration will now be adjusted accordingly whenever the booking's arrival or departure dates are changed.

[FIXED] The cash book can now be balanced again.

Release Notes 1.10.8 to 1.10.9 (02/05/2013)

[NEW] Interface for channel manager DIRS21. Allows sending availabilities, prices and minimum booking duration to the channel manager and importing bookings from online channels into Lodgit.

[CHANGED] Changes made to the price units "per month" and "per year". A year or month is now counted until the corresponding date of the following month or year (e.g. 15th to 15th or Jan 6th to Jan 6th).

[CHANGED] Graphical interface of the Text Management was optimized.

[CHANGED] In preparation for the integration of deposits without separate invoices into the financial export, it is no longer possible to select the payment method "Cash" for such deposits.

[FIXED] In very rare cases, the synchronization with the channel manager wasn't possible.

[FIXED] Graphical errors that existed when making the Guest Management window larger or smaller in Windows were fixed.

Release Notes 1.10.6 to 1.10.7 (01/23/2013)

[NEW] Invoice window: Printing out the name of the contact person in a company guest file can now be suppressed.

[NEW] Invoice window: Can now select whether the general salutation is to be used for company guest files.

[NEW] Guest list: Added the option to print out phone number and/or email address separately from each other.

[NEW] Texts: Placeholders [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME] can now be used.

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: Entering of pricing info was changed.

[CHANGED] Guest management: Initial search time frame of the guest history was changed to "All".

[CHANGED] When the invoice window is opened, the language selected automatically is that of the main booking.

[CHANGED] When creating correspondence, the country name in the address is now listed in English or German depending on the language preference set with the recipient.

[FIXED] In some cases, bookings that were moved into another unit using the booking window were not instantly shown in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] Financials: Manually added cashbook entries were seen as invoices.

[FIXED] Booking window: Optimizations for Windows in the calendar element for adjusting the booking time frame.

[FIXED] During the synchronization, some unused rentable objects were sent.

[FIXED] Sidebar: Changes to the occupancy rate and availabilities are now loaded correctly again.

[FIXED] Deleting entries from the booking list is now possible again.

[FIXED] When creating confirmations, the placeholder [CURRENCY] was not always substituted.

[FIXED] When creating an offer, the booking(s) weren't always set correctly from the status "Tentative" to "Confirmed".

Release Notes 1.10.3 to 1.10.5 (12/12/2012)

[NEW] Channel Manager: Import of arriving guests listed in the online booking

[NEW] Channel Manager: Arriving guests are listed by their age (cultuzz) in the booking window under "Online Booking"

[NEW] Channel Manager: Imported bookings will receive the corresponding agent (cultuzz channel). If the agent (cultuzz channel) is not already in Lodgit Desk, it will be automatically added.

[FIXED] The problem of a phone number or email address being added multiple times to a guest profile when importing online bookings is now fixed.

Release Notes 1.10.2 (12/05/2012)

[FIXED] Channel Manager: Editing the base prices wasn't always possible.

[FIXED] Cashbook: The entries weren't sorted by date / time.

Release Notes 1.10.1 (12/04/2012)

[NEW] Interface for channel manager CultSwitch by Cultuzz. Allows sending availabilities, prices, minimum and maximum booking duration from Lodgit to the channel manager and importing booking from online channels into Lodgit.

[NEW] Lodgit Online Booking System: Minimum booking duration adjustable for each object separately; optional restrictions on arrival and departure weekdays.

[NEW] Agent commissions can now be calculated with "per unit/night".

[CHANGED] Lodgit Online Booking System: The preferences for the synchronization can now be found under "Administration > Synchronization and Channel Manager".

[CHANGED] Statistics for accommodation and/or extras revenue with the price units "per month", "per month/piece", "per month/person", "per year", "per year/piece", "per year/person" are now calculated nightly.
Example: An entire month is now valid from the 1st until the 1st as opposed to the 1st until the last of that month.

[CHANGED] Reservation Schedule > Booking List: The column "Created On" now lists the time of day as well as the date.

[CHANGED] Expired License: Adding an existing booking to an existing group booking is now available.

[CHANGED] Height and width of the preferences window can now be adjusted.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: The number of vacant units of a certain category (in the side bar) is now calculated based on the selected objects.

[FIXED] Windows: You can now print out multiple copies of the reservation schedule in one go.

[FIXED] Preferences > Letter Layout: Sometimes, the text field flickered when the texts for header or footer were being edited.

[FIXED] Sometimes, bookings in the status "Cancelled Online Booking" could not be deleted via the menu bar or context menu.

[FIXED] Sometimes, the main contact wasn't added to the guest list of an online booking automatically.

[FIXED] Accounting Export: Split invoices for deposits were not correctly marked as "exported" after they were exported.

Release Notes 1.9.15 to 1.9.16 (08/29/2012)

[NEW] Booking window: It is now possible to split and merge price time frames of any booking via the Actions menu. Prices for different time frames can also be edited individually for a more flexible price management.

[FIXED] Great performance improvements for the display of a large number of bookings.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When searching for vacant units, the time frame was highlighted with another day attached.

[FIXED] Fixed display error in the payment window for archives.

Release Notes 1.9.14 (08/14/2012)

[FIXED] Fixed a display error in the charts.

[FIXED] Added proxy support for SOAP(wsdl).

[FIXED] Object Management: added check for minimum and maximum number of beds.

[FIXED] When moving a booking in the reservation schedule, the time frames weren't always adjusted correctly.

Release Notes 1.9.10 and 1.9.13 (07/16/2012)

[NEW] Reservation schedule: A room can now also be set to the status "currently being cleaned".

[NEW] Added registration form for Italy.

[FIXED] Error in 1.9.9: When creating a cashbook balance, the carryover was saved incorrectly. Unfortunately, correcting this must be done manually. Please undo all cash balances you've made since the last update within the cashbook archives.

[FIXED] On rare occasions, a negative value was shown in the analysis for performance indicators and occupancy.

[FIXED] When manually adding cashbook entries, the entries weren't shown immediately.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: Creating group bookings and selecting overbookings via the context menu is now available again.

[FIXED] The statistics for "Financials" were sometimes not opened correctly.

Release Notes 1.9.9 (06/21/2012)

[NEW] Flat fee packages: The total price of the package is listed next to the package name.

[NEW] Vacancy list: Added new list "Number of Guests" that lists all arriving, departing and in-house guests.

[NEW] For invoices with the status "open" the payment methode can now be edited.

[NEW] Cash invoices can now be reset to the status "open".

[NEW] Selected dunning notices can now be printed as PDF files or sent directly as an email with PDF attachment.

[NEW] Reservation schedule: Bookings can now be tagged a certain color to show e.g. a VIP booking.

[CHANGED] Layout changes in offer, confirmation and invoice windows for printing out additional information.

[CHANGED] Cleaning list > daily lists: New option to also show cleaned units or those that don't need to be cleaned according to the interval.

[CHANGED] Different lists: Added booking number.

[CHANGED] The status of duplicated bookings can now be preset to a certain status or the status of the original booking.

[CHANGED] New columns added for guest import.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create letter: Sending correspondence as emails via SMTP wasn't possible.

[FIXED] When duplicating a booking of a group, the new booking was incorrectly added to the group as well.

[FIXED] Lodging list: The data of the chart sometimes didn't match up with the data in the table.

Release Notes 1.9.7 and 1.9.8 (05/22/2012)

[NEW] The status of invoices can now also be reset from "Paid" to "Open". This is only available until the invoice is cancelled or its data is exported via the Accounting Export.

[CHANGED] Users can now change the name of an agent even if that agent has already been added to a booking.

[CHANGED] The title of the packages will now automatically be adjusted when changing the correspondence language. This is not available for packages that were added before this update and packages whose original was deleted from the Package Management.

[FIXED] Sometimes there were rounding errors when deducting the guest discount from the lodging price.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create Letter: Upon closing the print preview, the letter window was closed as well.

[FIXED] After creating and later printing a PDF file, the logos were somtimes not printed correctly.

[FIXED] Sometimes, the text in the letter head was not printed correctly.

[FIXED] When printing an offer or a confirmation, the top margin of the return confirmation was sometimes not calculated correctly.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create Letter: The option to send emails via SMTP was not working.

Release Notes 1.9.4 to 1.9.6 (04/25/2012)

[CHANGED] Booking window: Interface for adding a main contact was changed.

[CHANGED] Option for locking down a booking so that unit and time frame cannot accidentally be changed was added.

[CHANGED] Object Management: When adding a new unit, the number of beds cannot be 0.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When creating an invoice and then changing the booking status, the accommodation was somtes declared as yet to be billed.

[FIXED] When using the database server, the GASTWARE file was sometimes not generated successfully.

[FIXED] Booking window: Sometimes, when changing a booking time frame, the extra item's time frame was not changed accordingly.

[FIXED] New bookings were sometimes not visible in the reservation schedule right away.

[FIXED] When printing any kind of correspondence, sometimes a blank page was printed.

Release Notes 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 (04/04/2012)

[NEW] Invoices / Cancellation credits: The invoice number can now be included into the opening and finishing paragraphs via a placeholder.

[CHANGED] Reservation schedule: Better performance when scrolling.

[CHANGED] Financials: Cancellation credits that resulted from an unpaid invoice will now always be shown.

[FIXED] Windows: In certain situations it was not possible to edit data in the Guest Management.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When moving and then extending or reducing a booking's time frame, the time frame for the price was not always adjusted correctly.

[FIXED] Windows: It was not always possible to select a city in the Guest Management.

[FIXED] When linking a booking to a unit, the lock symbol was not instantly visible in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Import: Some preferences were not saved.

[FIXED] The option of sending emails with PDF attachments via Outlook has been integrated (Mac).

[FIXED] Creating invoices with deposits was sometimes not possible.

[FIXED] The sender address was not shown on the return confirmations.

Release Notes 1.9 (03/27/2012)

[NEW] Lodgit Desk can now be used as a multiple-user version with the database server cubeSQL

[NEW] Export of invoice data and cashbook entries into CSV files for import in accounting programs

[NEW] Integration of a 4-level dunning system

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices with respective dunning levels

[NEW] Guest Management: List of all dunning notices sent to a guest. Paid dunning fees are also listed.

[NEW] Export or archive lists as CSV and Excel files

[NEW] The subject text of emails can now be edited permanently within the Text Management.

[NEW] Non-printable area is shown in print preview

[NEW] Offers and confirmations: The offer/confirmation number can be added to the first and finishing paragraphs via a placeholder.

[NEW] Settings for sending emails: User can now decide whether the date, sender address and recipient’s address should be added automatically.

[NEW] Cancellation credits now have their own tab within the archives

[NEW] Cancellation credits now have the added status options “paid” and “unpaid” (like invoices.

[NEW] Zip code and state database now integrated in the Guest Management (must be downloaded before it can be used: "Administration > Additional Modules > Install Zip Code Database")

[NEW] New price units “per month”, “per month/person”, “per year” and “per year/person” integrated for accommodations and extras

[NEW] New price units “flat fee” and “flat fee/person” integrated for accommodations

[NEW] Offers, confirmations, invoices and letters can now be generated as PDF files from within Lodgit Desk (no need for external software)

[NEW] Sending emails: When creating offers, confirmations and invoices, the user has the additional option to send them as emails with a PDF attachment.

[NEW] Statistics - Occupancy and Performance Indicators: Within the Object Management, user can now decide when a unit is occupied 100%.

[NEW] Text formatting profiles for CSV export can now be saved as presets.

[CHANGED] There are now 3 options for booking labels in the reservation schedule: “Name of main contact”, “names of arriving guests” and “specified text”.

[CHANGED] When changing an invoices status to “paid”, paid dunning fees can now be entered.

[CHANGED] In emails for offers and confirmations, the number of guests is now always shown in the form of “for x guests”.

[CHANGED] Double-click on an entry in the check in and check out lists to open the bookings.

[CHANGED] The chart for the extras list will now show the amount of the selected extra item/service.

[CHANGED] Before creating offer and confirmation emails, the user can now edit the email text within Lodgit Desk.

[CHANGED] Added profile selection for CSV settings

[CHANGED] Agent commissions list: User can now select one extra item / category for calculation of commission.

[CHANGED] Backup: The option “daily at x o’clock” was replaced by the new option “every x hours”.

[CHANGED] Backup: The option of overwriting the last created backup file has been removed.

[CHANGED] Reservation schedule: User can now turn off showing the occupancy rate and number of vacant unit categories in the sidebar.

[FIXED] Resizing of pie chart optimized

[FIXED] Selection of pie chart option “accentuate smallest” did not load

[FIXED] Excel class will filter non-printable characters

[FIXED] Synchronization: Deleted objects with missing information (e.g. time zone) no longer matter.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: Occupancy information are now updated immediately when changes are made within the schedule.

Release Notes 1.8.7 and 1.8.8 (10/20/2011)

[NEW] Additional cleaning status "Towel change" was added. This status, like the linen change, is dependent on the cleaning interval.

[NEW] Cleaning list: monthly and weekly lists added.

[NEW] Agent statistics extended: detailed list of all bookings for each agent.

[NEW] Packages can now be sorted into categories in the package management. These categories will be shown when adding new packages to a booking.

[NEW] Searching for vacancies in the reservation schedule can now be done by hitting enter as well.

[NEW] Print: Position and width of the address field can now be edited.

[NEW] Settings for using a server-independent proxy can now be set in the preferences for Lodgit Desk.

[NEW] Option for exporting lists as CSV or Excel files was added to several lists.

[NEW] Guests can now be exported as Excel files (in addition to existing CSV file option).

[CHANGED] Guest management: It's now possible to delete several highlighted guests from a group.

[CHANGED] The tax rate will also be shown for inclusive extra items and packages. The tax rates will be separated by semicolon and listed along with their rentable unit.

[CHANGED] When changing an invoice status to "paid", the date of payment can now be entered.

[CHANGED] Extended search within the archives (offers, confirmations, invoices).

[CHANGED] The sort order for rentable units when printing offers and confirmations can now be edited.

[FIXED] Daily cleaning list was sometimes incorrect.

[FIXED] Offers and confirmations were not automatically set to invalid whenever a new offer or confirmation was created.

[FIXED] Windows: Sometimes, seasonal prices for rentable units could not be added.

[FIXED] After deleting custom unit types, display errors occurred sometimes.

Release Notes 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 (08/19/2011)

[NEW] Several lists can now be exported as Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx).

[NEW] EPOS module "Standard (PROTEL compatible)": tax rates coming from the external EPOS system can now also be transferred into Lodgit Desk as percentage.

[CHANGED] Charts: Selection of some data for charts now in chart window.

[CHANGED] When printing lists, the date and time will be shown from now on.

[CHANGED] When creating a split invoice for deposits, the date listed under "received on" will automatically be set as the invoice date when the selected payment method is Cash or the time for payment is "0 days".

[CHANGED] Guest Management: In the guest history, the search time frame was reset to the current month whenever the data for a different guests were to be shown.

[FIXED] Offers and confirmations will now be shown as "invalid" again when new offers and confirmations for the same booking are created.

[FIXED] Group reservation handling within the reservation schedule works correctly again.

[FIXED] When deposits are only shown in the final invoice, such deposits were falsely deducted from the invoice total in the cashbook and invoice archives.

[FIXED] Calculating number of overnight stays was sometimes faulty.

[FIXED] Database access optimization

[FIXED] Display error in "Financial" chart fixed.

Release Notes 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 (07/26/2011)

[NEW] Guest list, best for showing checked in guests.

[NEW] New interface for EPOS systems "Standard (PROTEL-compatible)" for EPOS systems using PROTEL protocol (e.g. Hypersoft).

[NEW] Occupancy rate of objects for a specified time frame is now shown in the left sidebar next to the reservation schedule.

[NEW] Several lists can now be shown in graphs.

[CHANGED] Invoices will now be set to status "paid" instantly if the time for payment is 0 days.

[CHANGED] You can now select None as default payment method.

[FIXED] EPOS systems: adjustment of SQL command for searching checked in guests

[FIXED] Optimized calculation for "Occupancy and Performance Indicators"

[FIXED] Schedule no longer jumps when the focus is on a different window.

[FIXED] Return confirmation date could not always be edited in offers and confirmations.

[FIXED] Searching for guests when using more than one key word

[FIXED] Program could sometimes not be quit if there were still entries with missing information in Price Management.

[FIXED] Evaluation of the extras list fixed.

[FIXED] Calculating the date for payment when creating an invoice fixed.

[FIXED] Cleaning list was empty when selecting current date.

[FIXED] Small bugs in the user interface fixed.

Release Notes 1.8.2 (06/23/2011)

[NEW] Format of guest's sender address on return confirmations can be set in the preferences.

[NEW] Registration form: arrival and departure date can be overwritten.

[NEW] When sending offers and confirmations, you can now decide, whether the currency abbreviation is always to be shown (Windows: recommended for emails)

[CHANGED] New layout for invoices. Existing invoices will not be affected.

[CHANGED] When listing companions of a main contact in guest management, main contact is now listed as well.

[FIXED] Guest's sender address is now printed on return confirmation.

[FIXED] Now correct return confirmation text on offers and confirmations.

[FIXED] Last used registration form type is now saved.

[FIXED] When creating a new guest profile from the booking window, the default country set in the preferences will be used.

Release Notes 1.8.1 (06/15/2011)

[FIXED] Problem when updating database from Lodgit Desk 1.7.2 to 1.8 fixed.

[FIXED] Smaller problems during synchronizing with online modules fixed.

Release Notes 1.8 (06/14/2011)

[NEW] First release of the international version of Lodgit Desk (english)