Set rates for duration & guest numbers

Simple price administration for all purposes

Lodgit Desk’s price administration offers you the possibility to change standard room prices for a selected period of time. For example; implementing seasonal prices, trade fair prices, holiday offers, Christmas specials, etc.

Price changes can be made to entire unit categories (single rooms, double rooms, apartments, etc) and also for individual properties. Furthermore, you can define price variants which apply to occupation amount (number of guests).

Example A: Holiday apartments

As the owner of a number of holiday apartments of various sizes, you can define different prices for each individual unit according to the season. You can also set price variants depending on the occupancy (more than 3 guests, more than 5 guests, etc).

Lodgit Desk computes the occupancy and the date automatically upon booking and calculates the correct seasonal price, which greatly facilitates the making of offers and invoices. Seasonal changes are recognised automatically and correctly calculated by splitting the time frame.

Example B: Guest house

As the owner of a guest house located in a host city for many trade fairs, you rent out 10 single and 20 double rooms. Due to the timing of a trade fair, you can change prices for your single and/or your double rooms which are then automatically taken into account in Lodgit Desk when making offers and invoices.

Hint: All data sets from the price administration can be duplicated one year at a time by selecting the command in the right-click pop-up menu, which makes setting up seasonal prices much quicker!