More online bookings via your website

Offer: Web Design

Affordable website design for your hotel based on CONTAO Content Management System:

  • easy to use
  • add and edit content yourself
  • responsive design for mobile devices
  • incl. picture galleries, slider, forms
  • optional integration of the Online Systems
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Payment Options

Easily receive payments for online bookings:

PayPal-Zahlungen im Lodgit Online-Buchungssystem erhalten
3.4 % + £0.20 per transaction

Concardis für Kreditkartenzahlungen im Lodgit Online-Buchungssystem
Receive credit card payments

Additional module: online booking system for your website

With the Lodgit hotel software, you can receive online bookings directly via your website. Linking the Online Booking System with your website or homepage is done quickly, provided that you have a valid Lodgit Desk license (and installation) and added the module "Online-Systems".

If you prefer to receive bookings personally e.g. on the phone but still want to display your vacancies on your website, our Booking Calendar might be what you're looking for

Hint: With a personalized demo license, you can try out the Lodgit Online Booking System without any obligation. You just need to synchronize the demo database within Lodgit Desk with the booking engine!

Specific advantages of the Lodgit Online Booking System:

  • All property and rental units are automatically carried over from the Lodgit Desk hotel software
  • Regular synchronization of occupancy data, price information, child discounts, features, etc.
  • Define blocked time frames during which no booking can be made easily in Lodgit Desk
  • Two different search modes for free accomodations (category mode or simple mode, both optimized for hotels or holiday homes)
  • Online bookings (incl. guest data, deposit information, additional services) are received directly in your Lodgit Desk setup
  • All deposits are directly transferred without any deductions to the lodging establishment
  • Methods of payment: bank transfer, debit, credit card per Concardis or  PayPal *)
  • Group bookings for any number of units within any given rental property
  • Extras bookable online (packages) for specials and arrangements
  • Direct booking of individual units
  • Simple online administration of the booking system by means of a personalized login area
  • Management of images and texts pertaining to individual units and property as well as tailor-made cancellation conditions, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Individualized design of the online booking system using a CSS2 file
  • Uploading images of units and property
  • Integrated Google Maps and driving directions
  • Quick and easy integration into your website via link

Appealing booking options for your guests:

Visitors to your website can use the online booking system to quickly see whether there are any free units in their desired time period and proceed with the binding reservation right away. It is also possible to book more than one unit at once (group booking). If the desired time frame offers no more vacancy, the guests can have a look at the overview of reservations in order to see when which units will be free again.

Complete control for you as lessor:

As lessor, you alone decide when and which units will be available for online booking. You may set a minimum duration of stay or specific weekdazs for arrivals and departures in the hotel software and confirm every individual online booking which you receive via the online reservation system. Deposits, extras and guests data will all be automatically transferred to your Lodgit Desk setup with the next synchronization, which allows for keeping your processing time to a minimum.

Fair & low-priced use:

Lodgit Online Booking System is part of the additional module "Online-Systems" which can be acquired in our online shop for a monthly fee of just €1.0 per unit that you want to make available online (You don't have to make all units available!). These fees will be calculated based on the time left on your Lodgit Desk license and are to be paid in advance. There are no further commissions or fees.

*) PayPal- or Concardis account is necessary for the direct reception of payment. Information about usage fees of those accounts can be viewed at the respective websites.