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Update 1.14.6 - Hotel billing software now with DATEV export

Our aim is to make the best accounting software for the hotel industry, and this update brings us one step closer to this goal: Lodgit Desk now offers a DATEV-compatible export of invoice data. But how is that different from the export feature we had until now?

The DATEV-compatible export feature is only for users of the bookkeeping software DATEV because it's geared heavily towards these specific import requirements. For example, DATEV expects a certain tax key (instead of the tax rate or amount); you can review and change those keys in the preferences.

Important for your invoice numbers: DATEV only allows invoice numbers with a maximum of 12 characters. If your invoice numbers are longer, there may be problems importing the data. You cannot change invoice numbers afterwards; nevertheless, please talk to your tax consultant about a possible change to the numbering system.

The export using the debit/credit method is suitable for programs such as MonkeyOffice or Lexware.

Automatic locking after creation of offers/confirmations

Bookings can easily be moved around in the reservation schedule by clicking and dragging them, but that's not always a good thing. You might accidentally move a booking you didn't mean to. That's why we created the "lock" feature. As long as a booking is locked, it cannot be moved, shortened or lengthened in the reservation schedule.

With the new update, locking a booking will become easier: Whenever you create an offer or a confirmation, you can go to "Options" have the booking automatically locked as soon as the offer or confirmation is created. The respective window will remember your setting, so you only have to check this box once to easily protect your bookings from being moved around.

Improvements to the PROTEL EPOS Interface

We recently found that not all EPOS systems providers read the file inhouse.dat the same way: Some expect the file to end with a carriage return and if that's not included, they'll simply ignore the last line. That's why we've now included the option to have the file inhouse.dat end with a carriage return - depending on what your EPOS system needs.

We have also made sure that the file inhouse.dat is updated more often. In addition to being updated every 2 minutes, it will now also be updated when:

  • The booking status is changed from or to "Checked In"
  • The time frame of a checked-in booking is changed
  • The main contact of a checked-in booking is changed
  • The arriving guests of a checked-in booking is changed

Making Independent Hotel Software Even Better

Just like with every update we release, we've added a few changes and fixes that will make your daily tasks a little easier:

  • The reservation schedule can now be smoothly pulled to the left and right again.
  • The rounding process for the prices was adjusted so that errors for large invoices with many small items will still have proper taxes.
  • In the invoice window it's now even more intuitive to use a number of a previously cancelled invoice.
  • When exporting a list on a Windows computer, you can now once again use special characters.
  • Plus many more minor improvements.

If you have any questions about the update, please let us know via the ticket system or contact form.


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