Update 1.14.1 - Hotel Channel Manager Siteminder and much more


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Update 1.14.1 - Hotel Channel Manager Siteminder and much more

The latest update 1.14.1 was released today and mainly brings changes behind the scenes: 

All Mac users will be glad to hear that Lodgit Desk is now a Cocoa-App - which means it'll look better and run more smoothly on the new operating systems OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite. 

Windows users won't be disappointed as well as we also significantly improved Lodgit's performance on Windows 8.

Connect to Channel Manager Siteminder

With the latest update Siteminder is now also available for all our clients. We've been a certified partner of Siteminder since mid February and now you can use the interface as well. 

Siteminder also agreed to a special launch offer - about which you will learn more soon! 

Quickly re-use cancelled invoice numbers

As Lodgit Desk does not allow subsequent changes to a created invoice due to security reasons you probably find yourself having to cancel an invoice and create a new one. Now we've simplified the reutilisation of the old invoice number:

You're now given the possibility to simply select the appropriate invoice number from a drop down list in the "Text and Print Options" section of the invoice window. 

Goodbye to old, unpaid invoices

Do you still have older unpaid invoices in Lodgit Desk for which you don't expect any payments anymore? Then it can be quite frustrating to keep seeing those invoices in the dunning run or the list of unpaid invoices.

With the new update you can now use the context menu in the list of unpaid invoices to hide an invoice like that. Hidden invoices will then no longer be shown.

Hidden an invoice by accident? No problem, you can always show hidden invoices and make them permanently visible again.

Different layouts for offers, confirmations and invoices

You use pre-printed stationary for your invoices, but only send out offers and confirmations as PDF files?

Now you can use the different letter layouts Lodgit Desk lets you create to set them up as default layouts for offers, confirmations and invoices respectively.

And some other things...

And then there are a few more smaller changes:

  • You can change the default location for PDF files.
  • The filter in the booking list will now be remembered whenever you restart.
  • Emails can now be sent using TSL or SSL encryption.
  • ...

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