TSE connection to hotel software available very soon


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TSE connection to hotel software available very soon

News that affects our German customers; Despite Corona, we have been working flat out over the last few months on the interface to the connection of a certified technical safety device (TSE) to the Lodgit Desk hostel booking system software, as required by German law. Since this work is now almost complete, the BETA test with a few selected customers will begin in August.

As before every release, we always carry out extensive in-house checks on the TSE connection. In the case of TSE, however, the correct functioning of the update is particularly important. For this reason, we have decided to carry out BETA testing with selected customers in order to monitor the first signatures of the TSE.

At the same time, we will give all customers who run an establishment in Germany the opportunity to order a certified technical safety device (TSE) directly via our website very soon.

These steps are necessary because since the beginning of this year, the Kassensicherungsverordnung 2020 (KassenSichV) has not only applied to electronic cash registers in Germany, but to ALL electronic recording systems of business transactions that can record and process cash payments. On its website, the Federal Ministry of Finance explicitly names hotel software as a system that must meet the requirements of the KassenSichV.

The TSE is intended to record, encode, sign and store all business transactions that can lead to a cash payment transaction in an unalterable and complete manner. So if you record cash transactions with Lodgit Desk, the use of a TSE is mandatory for you from this year on. As a manufacturer of hotel software we are also obliged to implement a TSE.

At the moment, a non-complaint regulation is in force until 30.9.2020, which has now been extended by several federal states until 31.03.2021 due to corona. The prerequisite, however, is that a TSE has been demonstrably ordered by 31.08.2020.

TSE order opportunity via this website

From mid-August, you will be able to order the TSE online via this website in the usual simple and straightforward manner. The order form is structured in such a way that you can be guided through the process in order to find the most suitable and cheapest TSE for you. With Epson as a certified TSE partner, we offer you a solution for both Windows and Mac users*, regardless of whether you use a single, or multiple workstations.

With Lodgit Desk and the new TSE connection, all users* are on the safe side now and in the future.

*Please clarify legal matters relating to TSE with your tax advisor or find out about the professional associations (e.g. Dehoga). As a software manufacturer we are not allowed to provide legal advice. All legal information on our website is therefore without guarantee.


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