Tamper-proof Cash Register Systems make Receipt Regulations Redundant


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Tamper-proof Cash Register Systems make Receipt Regulations Redundant

TSE news

Kassensicherungsverordnung 2020 & Obligation to issue receipts

News for our German customers about new Tax regulations: "It is completely nonsensical to punish an entire national economy for tax fraud committed by individual companies in individual industries," says Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, Managing Director of Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH. "I can understand that the state wants to prevent tax fraud worth billions, only it is trying to do so by the wrong means."

All companies that accept cash payments have been obliged to issue a receipt since 1.1.2020 (receipt issue obligation or in short 'Bonpflicht'). In addition, according to the cash security ordinance, they must upgrade their cash register systems with a technical security device (TSE) certified by the BSI, which records every cash transaction unalterably and enables direct control by the tax office. "If companies are already obliged to use forgery-proof cash registers, then a receipt obligation is not only superfluous, but also a waste of resources that is harmful to the climate," says Dr. Dirk Bockelmann.

"As a manufacturer of hotel software we are obliged to implement the cash security regulation. Therefore we will provide our users in hotels, guesthouses and guest houses that accept cash payments with a connection to a certified TSE", emphasizes Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, Managing Director of Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH.

The first certified technical safety devices will only be available shortly. Therefore, according to the Federal Ministry of Finance, there will be no objections until 30 September 2020 if cash registers are also used without a TSE module. This will give the manufacturers of POS systems and POS software more time for their technical connection. At Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH, all of our IT specialists and experts are working flat out to connect the TSE modules.

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