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Online Marketing with Lodgit - Now with ICS Feed!

The module Lodgit Online Systems is currently our most popular extensions to the base license. With the recently added ICS feed it's now got one more advantage. Let's take a deeper look into what this module contains: 

How Online Booking Systems Work

Example of a website with online hotel booking software
Example of a website with online hotel booking software

The Online Booking System is possibly the most important feature for many users. Integrate a hotel reservation system via a link to your website and it'll allow your guests to book their stay directly with you. These bookings are commission free.

You'll remain fully in control: You decide which rooms you want to make available online. You can also let your guests book arrangements and packages - either as an optional add-on or already added as inclusive. Any payments (e.g. deposits) are made directly to you. And if you don't want to receive online bookings for a certain time frame, you can just block those dates.

Use CSS to fit the system seamlessly into your website. All incoming bookings are directly imported into your installation.

TripAdvisor Connectivity

Once you've set up your Online Booking System you can connect it to your TripAdvisor profile. This means that guests who are interested in booking a stay with you can look up your availabilities and rates directly on TripAdvisor. A click on the button will lead them to your Online Booking System where they can make the booking final.

Please note that for this, a BusinessListing and a PPC campaign are required for your TripAdvisor account. Both may accrue additional fees.


You're out running errands and your phone rings: It's a guest and they want to book their vacation in your hotel. But you don't have your computer with you and in the time it'll take you to get back, your receptionist may have given the room to someone else already.

No worries: Log into your Lodgit account and create a booking there. Unlike a "normal" online booking, owner-bookings don't require you to add all or even any guest information. This allows you to simply block a unit and call the guest back later to finalize the booking.

Online Bookings Calendar

Perhaps you don't want to receive direct bookings from your guests, but you'd still like to show when your units are available? No problem!

The Online Systems module offers a vacancy calendar display: A single unit can be shown as a calendar or plan, all units of an object can be shown as a continuous plan in a table.

We give you a code snippet so you can easily integrate it into your hotel website. Put a link to your contact form right next to it and make it easy for your guests to book their stay while not committing to anything yet.

Booking calendar showing available dates
Hotel property management software: Vacancy calendar

Advantages Of A Online Booking System - The ICS Feed

And now comes the ics feed.

Similar to the booking calendar, this feed will show when the corresponding unit is occupied. It automatically updates itself once every couple of hours and is therefore, unlike the booking calendar, not always up to date. However, for use with holiday home channels such as airBnB and 9flats, the update-rate is perfectly fine as they have their own interval for updating feeds (often 3 to 6 hours).

More Questions?

Are you not quite sure if the Online Systems are the right fit for you? Or maybe you have specific questions regarding some of the functions?

Let us know via contact form or ticket system and we'll get in touch with you!


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