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Lodgit Update 2.4.7 reduces the number of pages of correspondence for group bookings

An improvement which has been frequently requested for Lodgit hotel software is to reduce the number of pages for offers, confirmations and invoices of group bookings. Until now, these documents listed each booked room and each additional service separately, so that they could sometimes fill many pages.

With the Lodgit Desk Update 2.4.7 released today, similar accommodation services (lodging & extras) can finally be grouped together on offers, confirmations and invoices. This makes these documents much shorter and clearer and at the same time reduces the size of PDF files sent by email. This new feature can now be activated in Lodgit Desk in the print options of the respective windows if required.


With version 2.4.7, the 64 bit version will become the new standard in the download section on our website. If you wish to upgrade from a 32 bit to a 64 bit version of Lodgit, please note that an old 32 bit version of Lodgit must first be uninstalled from your computer before running the installer for the new 64 bit version. Don't worry, your Lodgit database will not be deleted.

However, to be on the safe side, you should always make a copy of your database (filename: Lodgit Database.lxdb) before installing Lodgit updates and store it on an external storage medium.


From 01.04.2021, tax auditors in all federal states of Germany can sanction a missing TSE (technical safety equipment) in an electronic recording system with cash register function - such as Lodgit hotel software. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines. If you are still using Lodgit Desk in Germany without TSE, we recommend that you upgrade quickly.
More info about the TSE can be found here.

The purchase of certified TSE hardware from Epson has been possible on our website for some time. Please note, the TSE hardware only works in conjunction with the additional module "Interface: Cash Register Security (DE: KassenSichV), which you can purchase in our shop for only 12 EUR per month (net) in addition to your existing Lodgit Desk License.

To assist you with the set-up, we provide you with a step-by-step documentation.

If you would like to receive personal set-up assistance via remote maintenance (Teamviewer) instead, please book an appointment for this by e-mail.

As a software manufacturer we are not allowed to give legal advice, all legal information on our website and in the newsletter is therefore without guarantee. Please clarify legal matters relating to the TSE with your tax advisor or obtain information from the trade associations (e.g. Dehoga).


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