Lodgit hotel software & TSE connection in beta testing


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Lodgit hotel software & TSE connection in beta testing

News that affects of German customers;

Before the BMF's non objection period for the implementation of a certified technical safety device (TSE) in electronic recording systems officially ends on 30.09.2020, we will briefly inform you about the current state of development for the connection of a TSE to Lodgit Desk.

Beta testing began 2 weeks ago with selected customers, who have been helping us in troubleshooting and fault-finding with the software. In this time, cash invoices with various Epson TSEs have been successfully signed by our testers, whom we would like to thank very much.

Due to the discovery of a few small bugs, we’ve regretfully had to push back the planned release date of the TSE software. In the event that you should have a tax audit in the next few weeks, and the tax office complains about the absence of a TSE, you are welcome to refer to us, that due to these bugs we unfortunately could not complete the connection to Lodgit Desk in time. We are sure that you will not be put at a disadvantage if you have already ordered at least one TSE hardware module from us, as required by the German finance ministries at state level. Further information on the TSE obligation and the country-specific deadlines can be found here on our website (information in German).

We currently expect to have the bugs fixed during October, and then to publish the final version of the TSE link to Lodgit Desk.

TSE INTRODUCTION DELAYED: If you purchase (or have already purchased) your TSE from Epson on this website, you will receive the additional module "Interface: Cash security" for your Lodgit licence free of charge for a limited time until 16.11.2020. After this date, this module will cost 12,- € per month (plus VAT).

If you are unsure which TSE module is most suitable for you, please take a look at our helpful guide (information in German).

INFORMATION ON DELIVERY TIMES: The TSE USB stick from Epson is normally available for immediate delivery. With some TSE printer models (particularly the TSE server), there is a delivery delay of several weeks from the manufacturer. In the event of a financial audit, we can gladly confirm this delay, so that you should not suffer any disadvantages as a result.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please clarify any legal matters relating to TSE with your tax advisor or obtain information from a professional association (e.g. Dehoga).  As a software manufacturer we are not allowed to provide legal advice.  All legal information on our website is therefore without guarantee.


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