Using Lodgit Desk and Windows 8


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Lodgit Desk and Windows 8

Windows 8 has been available for about a week now and we –just like everyone else– have been testing it out. For us, it was mostly because we want to make sure that Lodgit Desk runs smoothly on the new operating system. And we’ve come to the conclusion:

Lodgit Desk is running just fine on Windows 8. 

BUT: On Windows 8, you have to allow Lodgit Desk to communicate via private and public networks. Otherwise, Lodgit Desk can’t look for updates or synchronize with our online modules.

When you install Lodgit Desk for the first time, it’s easy. The window below will pop up and prompt you with options. Simply check both boxes (public and private networks) and press the button Allow access.

Using Windows 8 and Lodgit Desk

The window doesn’t pop up? There’s an alternative way to check and edit those settings if needed: Go to the sidebar and press Settings, then go to the Control Panel. Click on System and Security and then select Allow an app through Windows Firewall. This will open the following window:

Windows 8 firewall access with Lodgit Desk

Look for Lodgit Desk or lodgit desk.exe and make sure both boxes are checked. If they aren’t, press Change Settings and check the boxes. The OK button will save your changes.


And now, you’re all set for using Lodgit Desk with Windows 8!


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