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Lodgit Desk 1.13.1 - What's new?

With the release of the brand new Lodgit Desk v1.13.1 we introduced a lot of new features and changes to the software. While you will be able to notice some of them immediately, others are perhaps not so immediately obvious. That's why we've compiled a summary of all new features and will explain how they make a difference; 

New channel manager interface MappingMaster

We've now connected the channel manager MappingMaster to Lodgit Desk. Mapping Master offers a large number of connected channels and is already available from only 19€ per month (plus 25ct per booking, excl. VAT)

The MappingMaster interface allows you to send vacancies and rates to the channel manager, receive bookings and even to map the extra items created in MappingMaster and Lodgit Desk. 

Multi-object systems for the online modules

You're managing multiple separate objects in Lodgit Desk but still want to offer them in one single online booking system? Now this is no longer a problem! You can still keep objects separated in Lodgit Desk (e.g. in order to have separate accountings or numberings) but you can combine them so that in the modules "Interface: Channel Manager" and "Online Modules" they will count as one object. 

New invoice designs (incl. display of net prices) 

When creating invoices you can now choose between multiple designs. The most important novelty here is that you can now also have the net prices of every item displayed and that the tax can be added at the very bottom in a separate line. 

Many of the new designs can also be used to display and create offers and confirmations. 

Redesign of the offer- and confirmation windows

The windows to create offers and confirmations have been completely redesigned. With so many features added to them over time, the old windows were too confusing and many of the possible settings were overlooked.

Both windows are now divided into two sections: In the first area you'll find a list of all items and you can choose if you want to have a return confirmation printed. In the second area you'll find the texts and print settings. There you now also have new design possibilities to change the way in which the items will be displayed.

Combining identical extra items in correspondence

Your invoices were terribly long because you had to have too many identical extra items displayed on them? No problem anymore: You can combine identical extra items on printouts and save some space on your invoices. If you do want to have extra items combined however they must not be inside different packages. 

Re-selecting the letter layout when sending or printing correspondence again

When you want to print or save offers, confirmations or invoices e.g. a second time you can now select a letter layout different from the one you used when initially creating those documents.

This makes it easier to e.g. print an invoice for a customer on preprinted stationary and then save the same document as a PDF which then includes your logo in the header. 

Smaller changes in lists

We introduced some smaller yet very useful changes to our lists

  • In the Agent Statistics you can now choose if you want to have bookings sorted according to check in or check out date
  • In the list of open invoices you'll now find an overview over the amounts still due
  • In the list of deposits you'll now also find the date on which the deposit was created
  • In the Accounting Export you can now choose if you want to have the tax rate or rather the tax rate ID exported. 

... and some bug fixes: 

The error message that popped up occasionally when synchronising (Cannot connect to server) should now no longer appear. When importing online bookings the labels will now always be displayed properly. The JetWeb Feratel interface has been modified and improved in order to enable all our customers to use it now. 


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