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  • 2017-01-20 Lodgit Desk 1.17.2 released! New features include a new cash book, booking independent invoices, an much more

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Lodgit Desk 1.17.2 - New cash book, booking independent invoices, improved accounting export

Cash book completely redeigned

Entry of sales in the new cash register
Entry of sales in the new cash register


Lodigit Desk can now record and create receipts for sales independent of room bookings. For this we introduced a completely new cash register function. Here you can record sales, purchases, money transfers, and personal withdrawals;  now each transaction is linked to an numbered receipt and booked in the system. 

Receipts of sales can of course also be personalized to a recipient and then handed out to your customer as an invoice.  

Invoices independent of room bookings

Invoice without room booking
Invoice without room booking


With this update it is now possible to issue invoices not linked to a room booking. So our users can issue invoices for guests which only purchased items like food or bike rentals but did not stay for the night. This also opens an additional possibility to issue separate invoices for the room booking and the extras your customers consumed so they have different invoices for the hospitality and other services received.

Further improvements

  • Transactions with an amount of 0 can now be excluded from the accounting export (DATEV).
  • In the accounting export (DATEV) you can now determine which declaration is shown in the booking text.
  • New filters available in the archive, the guest history and the bookings list.
  • Renamed "cancellation credit" to "corrective invoice.

A complete list of changes can be viewed here.

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