Update 1.14.14 Safeguard bookings, 2nd currency support and more

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Affordable web design for hotels based on CONTAO Content Management System:

  • Easy to use
  • Add and edit content yourself
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Incl. picture galleries, slider, forms
  • Optional integration of the hotel booking reservation system
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Lodgit Desk 1.14.14 - Better protection of bookings, 2nd currency support and more

Protection against accidental changes

One click and the search starts. What means more comfort for one is a security risk for someone else. The possibility to simply drag and drop bookings to move them around in the reservation schedule has caused some accidental changes in the past for a few of our clients. 

That's why with the latest Lodgit Desk 1.14.14 we introduced the possibility to individually choose if moving, shortening, extending or deleting a booking should be possible depending on the booking status.  You also can't easily delete fixed bookings, now you have to first remove the fix-flag 

The standard limitations of the booking status are not affected by this. A booking having the status "checked out" for example can still never be deleted, moved, extended or shortened. 

Displaying an additional second currency

This is especially interesting for our international users: Now the total of an invoice can additionally be displayed in a second currency. 

The currency and it's exchange rate has to be set up in the preferences and can then be selected when creating an invoice. 

Easier selection of design templates

Everyone who has been overwhelmed with the possible design varieties for offers, confirmations and invoices can now breathe a sigh of relief. We've made the differences between the sub-designs more clear by allowing you to preselect what you want to have on your correspondence and what you want it to look like. 

Using the check boxes above the drop down menu you can choose what you want to have on your correspondence and what not. The options available in the drop down list will then change according to your settings and you can select your prefered design with ease. 

Warning: Please make sure that your design complies with the legal requirements for your business in your jurisdiction. Ask your tax consultant when in doubt.

As always the Lodgit Desk Update 1.14.14 is available for free to all our users. You can either download the update using the update function inside the software or by downloading and executing the installation files in your Lodgit Account.


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