Information for cash transactions in Austria from 2016/2017


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Information for cash transactions in Austria from 2016/2017

For our Austrian customers; Since  January 2016 there's a new cash register security regulation law (RKSV) in Austria, in which  all businesses with cash turnover (including cash dispensers, credit cards and other payments made on site) of more than EUR 7,500 per year are required to have a cash register. This means that all invoices generated in Lodgit Desk that contain cash transactions (including credit card and bank payments) must be provided with an additional payment receipt via a cash register. From 2017, this payment receipt must even be provided with a special signature (QR code).

Find further information on this new law.

In order for you to be able to continue to use Lodgit Desk in Austria and at the same time meet the requirements of the decree on individual recording, cash register and voucher sharing, we have entered into a cooperation with the manufacturer of the cash register software cbird.

We will offer you a new lodgit interface for this very inexpensive cash register by 31.03.2016 at the latest. Until then there will be a transition period during which you do not have to fear any penalties if you have not yet made this conversion  .

The cBird cash register can be purchased for a one-time fee of 160€ in combination with the corresponding interface for 15€ per month  .

Tip: For this purchase/conversion you can apply for a premium of 200 Euro with the annual tax declaration in the supplement form E 108c. In addition, there is unlimited tax deductibility of the costs in the year of purchase.



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