2 become 1 – Merger of the Online Modules


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2 become 1 – Merger of the Online Modules

Can your guests directly book a stay on your website? Or have commission rates kept you from offering a booking tool until now?

To enable your guests to easily book a stay on your website and/or check your house's availabilities in a nifty calendar, we recommend using our Online Modules. Starting April 1st, 2013, they will become even more attractive for your business:

Two become one
Until now, we've offered two Online Modules, the "Online Booking System" and the "Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking". They will be merged into one module "Online Systems" and will be available for a monthly fee that will only depends on how many units you want to synchronise. That means no more commissions for incoming online bookings!

Easier calculation
Was this online booking cancelled on time or not? Do you have to pay commission for it? How is the price you paid for the Booking Calendar being settled against the commissions for the Online Booking System? These questions are a thing of the past. It doesn't matter how many bookings you receive, when you cancel a booking or how much revenue the system generates: The monthly fees for the Online Modules will stay the same.

Same features and functionality (… and more) 
The new Online Module will combine all previous features: the Online Booking System, the graphical Booking Calendar and the Owner-Bookings. We're even extending the functionality in the future: The next Lodgit update, for example, will let you block time frames in the Online Booking System during which no online bookings can be made.

Transparent pricing
The new merged Online Module "Lodgit Online Systems" will be available starting April 1st, 2013, in our online shop for a monthly fee of €1.80 per unit (plus 19% VAT where applicable). As before with the fees for the Booking Calendar, the module's term will be linked to the term of your Lodgit Desk license and is to be paid in advance.
Note that you don't need to synchronise all units you have and are so able to lower the monthly fee for your business.

What will change for you on April 1st, 2013?

If you're already using both Online Modules, not a lot will change: Starting April 1st, you will no longer be billed for commissions for online bookings, that's all. Commissions for bookings received prior to that will be invoiced as usual at the beginning of April.

If you're currently using the Online Booking System only, you'll be able to add the new module "Lodgit Online-Systems" to your license around mid-March through our online shop. Otherwise, the Online Booking System will be turned off on April 1st, 2013.

If you've only been using the Booking Calendar and don't want to use the Online Booking System, nothing will change for now. Upon renewal of your Lodgit Desk license and Booking Calendar add-on you'll be able to purchase the new module.

Interested in starting to use the Online Booking System?
The use of the Online Booking System requires an additional agreement that you can download in your Lodgit account at www.lodgit.com. Once we've received the signed agreement, we'll be able to add that feature to your account.

Got questions about these changes? We'll happily answer any questions or concerns via email or phone via +49 341 4206944.

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