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Lodgit Update 2.4.5 reduces number of pages of correspondence for group bookings
Lodgit Update 2.4.7 reduces the number of pages of correspondence for group bookings

With the recently released Lodgit Desk Update 2.4.5, similar accommodation services (lodging & extras) can finally be grouped together in offers, confirmations and invoices. This makes these documents much clearer and shorter at the same time reduces the size of any PDF files sent by e-mail.

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A screenshot of the window of the function to change the VAT rate in Lodgit Desk.
Adjusting VAT rates in Hotel Software - It's easy with Lodgit Desk

Due to the ongoing pandemic many governments around the world are changing VAT rates for businesses from the 1st of January 2021.  Users of Lodgit Desk will find it simple to change to these new VAT rates inside the software.  Learn more about rate changes in Germany and how to set up the software to reflect the new tax changes.

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Lodgit wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021
Lodgit wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021

Health and Peace for the World

The year 2020 is coming to an end and will always be remembered for the many events and major challenges. Despite current adversities, we were able to achieve our most important business goal by connecting a technical security equipment (TSE) to Lodgit Desk.

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Lodgit TSE Connection
Lodgit Update 2.4.1 Enables TSE Connection

Version 2.4.1 of Lodgit Desk hotel software was released today. Our software now offers you the ability to connect to a certified Technical Safety Equipment (TSE) as an optional additional module. The TSE, which is required in Germany, communicates with Lodgit Desk for each business transaction, creates signed receipts and saves this data so that it can be evaluated in a later audit by the tax office (e.g. tax audit or cash check).

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Lodgit Desk Beta-Test
Lodgit hotel software & TSE connection in beta testing

News that affects our German customers: Before the BMF's non objection period for the implementation of a certified technical safety device (TSE) in electronic recording systems officially ends on 30.09.2020, we will briefly inform you about the current state of development for the connection of a TSE to Lodgit Desk.

Beta testing began 2 weeks ago with selected customers, who have been helping us in troubleshooting and fault-finding with the software. In this time, cash invoices with various Epson TSEs have been successfully signed by our testers, whom we would like to thank very much.

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TSE news
TSE connection now available to order via Lodgit Website

News for our German customers: the government mandated certified Technical Safety Equipment (TSE) is now available via our website.  For those who are still unsure of what they require, we have created a support page (in German) where you are helped to find the TSE that is right for you.  If you already know which TSE you require, you can simply select the desired model here and fill out the online order form.

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TSE printer news
TSE connection to hotel software available very soon

Despite Corona, we have been working flat out over the last few months on the interface to the legally required connection of a certified Technical Safety Equipment (TSE) to the Lodgit Desk hotel software. As of mid-August, you can easily order a certified TSE from Epson via our website. At the same time, the BETA test will start with some selected customers.

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Change the VAT rate in Lodgit Desk
VAT reduction - made easy in Lodgit Desk hotel software

News that effects our German customers: Users of the Lodgit Desk hotel software can easily implement the temporary reduction of the value added tax, which was decided by the German Federal Government in the economic stimulus package. Of course, the VAT change is also taken into account in the Lodgit online booking system. Find out here how to create the new tax rates and use them in the reservation program as of July 1st.

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Donation of 6000 surgical masks to Leipzig Zoo
Together against corona pandemic - donation of 6000 surgical masks to Leipzig Zoo

As a solidary action in the fight against the Corona pandemic, Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH together with the Leipzig physician Dr. Kerstin Hohdorf took unusual paths in April and imported high-quality medical mouthguards from China via a friendly contact person in Hong Kong.
6000 pieces of the surgical masks were donated by Mrs. Hohdorf to the Leipzig Zoo and were gratefully received by the Zoo Director Prof. Dr. Jörg Junhold.

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Lodgit Update 2.3.4 brings dark-mode (macOS) and more sharpness in the layout

Finally, Mac users can use dark-mode in Lodgit Desk, which looks really good. But Windows users also benefit from much more sharpness in the layout.

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