Create important lists & statistics

Country report and lodging statistics

Lodgit Desk carries out a monthly analysis of the number of stays, sorted by the country of origin of your guests. This can greatly reduce the owner's task of providing the monthly country reports required by some public authorities. This report uses the required official country codes and also lists the number of arrivals and departures. The analysis can be carried out for all buildings together or only for the units within a specified building.

Daily cleaning schedule (housekeeping list)

Furthermore, Lodgit Desk creates a daily up-to-date cleaning schedule for your hotel. This housekeeping list can be printed and passed on to your cleaning staff. The only units appearing on this list are those marked with the status “to be cleaned”. The cleaning status can be automatically changed at specified regular intervals. This status can be set individually for each and every room, apartment or holiday apartment within the object management.

List of extras (e.g. as catering lists)

The extras list gives you a detailed analysis of all additional services over a specified period of time, which can easily be printed.

For instance, you can hand a catering list over to your kitchen crew, where you’ll find all breakfasts and dinners ordered on one specific day or time period, or you gain a quick overview of the visitor’s tax received over the past month.

Check-in and check-out lists

In Lodgit Desk, you can use the check-in and check-out lists to get a detailed analysis of all arriving and departing guests for a specified period of time. When printing the list, you can choose to display guest notes, booking notes as well as additional services booked.

Lodging list for easy turnover prediction

Using the lodging list, you can analyse the expected and to-date turnover of your lodging services for the time period you specify, as well as print out a list of the related bookings. For this analysis, it is of lesser importance whether an invoice has been issued or not. All lodging services per day are taken into account, but you may still limit the selection to certain booking statuses.

Guest list

Lodgit Desk offers not only the quick-view of all currently checked in guests in the lower left area of the main window, it also offers a more extensive list of all guests. This list can be generated for a certain time frame or property or selected booking statuses.

Agent statistics

The agent statistic offers you an analysis of booking turnover for any specified period of time during which external sales agents have generated customers for you and receive commission from you. This analysis may of course also be printed out at your discretion.

Determination of occupancy rates and RevPAR

Lodgit Desk lets you analyse performance indicators, such as occupancy rate and RevPar (revenue per available room). The RevPar depends on the occupancy rate and the room revenue and can be calculated for any time frame.