Bookings/Extras Summary for Accountants

Hotel Back Office Accounting Software: Create Financial Reports

Lodgit Desk provides convenient financial reports for your accommodation turnover and additional services. It will also provide you with valuable business management information that can help you with your income tax return.

Revenue Management: How much revenue did your guesthouse generate within the last month?

Create a report displaying all the invoices issued within a specific time frame, with the additional option of including cash book entries into this list.

For added flexibility and convenience you can evaluate the turnover for each of your rental properties individually.

Detailed Hotel Turnover Analytics Software

Additionally, you can view a flexible evaluation of bookings that have already been billed (invoices and/or cash book entries) according to tax rates, payment methods, revenue type (lodging, extras, cash book) as well as deposits for which a partial invoice has been issued.

Depending on how your countries tax system works, you can also choose to remove unpaid hotel invoices from the report.

Billing Software: Which extras generate the largest turnover?

Found in the “extra items” view, you can evaluate the turnover of all additional billed services in detail. The analysis is clearly structured with the groups that you've created within extras items management.

Hotel Analytics: Easy to understand graphical charts

In Lodgit Desk all kinds of graphical analysis can be displayed easily within the Financial Reports area. For example the revenue of your hotel can be calculated for any time frame and be shown in a 3D bar diagram.

Looking at reports and statistics in this way is not only easier to understand, but it can often lead to new insights that can help improve your business.

Read more about lists and statistics.