Hotel Accounting Export Function

Export Invoice Data to Accounting Software

For those who do their own financial accounting, Lodgit Desk offers a simple export option for their invoice data as DATEV or CSV text files. These files can then be imported into your preferred accounting software (e.g MonKey Office from Prosaldo, Lexoffice or a DATEV program etc), saving you time from having to tediously re-enter this data.

MonKey Office is a proven accounting software with an appealing look, intuitive operation, great functionality and free, competent support. We recommend MonKey Office because it uses an SQLite database for data storage, just like Lodgit Desk. In network operation, this has the advantage that a database server already used by Lodgit Desk can also be used together with MonKey Office.

Link Your Accounting Software

In order to use the accounting export function in Lodgit Desk you have to first enter the account numbers of the account framework you are using (e.g. DATEV account framework SKR 03) for your financial accounts (payment types), accommodation and additional services (extra items) etc. in the program's preferences or in the extra item management.

After you have set the account numbers you can simply continue working as before. In the background Lodgit Desk will then assign all invoice data to the appropriate accounts.

Export Invoice Data in DATEV Format

Under the "Accounting Export" function, you can find a detailed overview of all invoice data. Here, you also have the option to export this list (so you can import it into your accounting software later). Lodgit Desk will remember which list entries have already been exported to prevent double entries in exported CSV files.