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Has this client stayed with us before?

The cleaning team must not forget that Mrs. Smith is allergic to feathers.

I would rather not house Mr. Müller-Lüdenscheidt again, as he usually ruins his room.

Giving your front desk this information is essential for your guest management, all of which, and more, is covered by Lodgit Desk.

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  • Identify regular patrons - Automatically count the number of bookings for a friendlier check in
  • Find files - Use the search box to easily return client data including notes etc
  • Never forget - Create guest notes and cleaning notes relevant for your staff
  • Optimised hotel operation - Organise contacts in automatic or user defined groups
  • Stay in touch - Customer profiles and contact information incl. optional birthday reminder
  • Know your clients - Overview of all bookings, invoices and travel companions of a client (guest history)
  • Import addresses from address book software (Microsoft® Outlook, Apple® Contacts etc.)
  • and much more!
Guest details panel
Guest details panel

Writing Letters and Emails to Selected Guests

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Easily create letters and emails for single or multiple clients (using the bulk letter function). You can use the individual, personalised greetings stored in the guest data, as well as a country or customer-specific address format.

Always keep track of all correspondence with the guest, as all letters as well as offers, confirmations and invoices are stored with the guest data in the guest management (history) as well as in a searchable archive.

Export your client data to office software. Lodgit Desk includes an export function so your guest data can be stored as a CSV or Excel file which can then be used with other software such as Microsoft Word™ e.g. to create bulk letters.

Bulk letter to selected clients
Bulk letter to selected clients