Create extra items & package deals

Managing value-added services as extras

Because the hotel trade often has many different value-added services to offer (breakfast, beverages, telephone, sauna, extra beds, etc), these can easily be added and managed in Lodgit Desk as extras:

  • Input, edit and delete extras
  • Set description, short description, price and VAT

Other billing items can also be added under extras such as visitor’s tax, bed levy, culture tax or eco-tax, which may be imposed by the local authorities via the lodging provider. Furthermore, negative billing items can also be added here such as discounts and credits which you can then easily book from within the booking window.

Extras that have already been invoiced can be viewed using the reports function. For an analysis that also includes extras that have yet to be billed, Lodgit Desk offers you a list view for each additional service (e.g. such as catering lists etc), whereby you may define the time period you wish to view.

Package deals for arrangements and special offers

Package deals are comprised of one or more extras bundled together into one package in order to be easier and faster to book, be it manually or automatically.

Package deals can be added manually from within the booking window much like adding individual extras. In object management, you can select specific package deals to be linked to certain rentable units, so that upon releasing a new booking, the package deal is automatically added, which is recommendable for standard services such as breakfast, for instance (see above examples: extra package Breakfast).

Using package deals, you can also implement very popular price offers, for instance when you offer free stays upon a certain number of nights rental. In order to do so, you need only set the discount as an extra with a negative amount and then book the extra as a package deal, which you could name “Stay 4 nights – pay only 3”.