Connect point of sale systems to hotel software


Interested in further interfaces for Lodgit Desk? 

Whether you are a user or provider of other POS systems, telephone systems, hotel lock systems, etc, should you be interested in an interface with Lodgit hotel software, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

We’ll do our best to establish an interface from your system to Lodgit Desk as swiftly as possible.

Charging the restaurant bill to the guests room

Electronic point of sales systems (EPOS or POS) make it easier for your customers to pay while as a guest at your hotel.  Hotel POS software systems are not only found at the front of house, but also places like the pool or restaurant bar.  This not only improves the client experience, but can also enhance your hotel sales system by letting you keep an eye on stock levels etc.

Lodgit Desk has an optional add-on module which can be used to connect different POS systems, e.g. from HYPERSOFT or Vectron. Other POS systems can be connected if they support the "Standard (PROTEL-compatible)" interface, such as Gastrosoft, Gastrofix or the roc.Kasse (iOS & Mac).

This allows all guests checked in via Lodgit Desk to simply add their restaurant bill to their room tab. The charges from the EPOS systems are recorded in the hotel software and the bills are listed as extras.  Here they are easily added to the final invoice, just like other extras.

Keep track of sales and revenue

With Lodgit Desk it's easy to keep track of the turnover generated with the POS system, as things like restaurant bills are sent to the software.  Should a guest not have a room assigned, you'll be alerted with an error and then be able to issue an invoice manually using Lodgit Desk.

A point of sale hotel system, fully integrated with your hotel management software can be a powerful combination and a real benefit for your hotel business.

If you already use a compatible EPOS system that you want to connect to Lodgit Desk you can go here to order the additional module "EPOS systems".  If your EPOS system is not listed as working with the Lodgit hotel software, please don't hesitate to contact us!