Integrate electronic locking systems into hotel software


Interested in further interfaces for Lodgit Desk? 

Whether you are a user or provider of other POS systems, telephone systems, hotel lock systems, etc, should you be interested in an interface with Lodgit hotel software, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

We’ll do our best to establish an interface from your system to Lodgit Desk as swiftly as possible.

Encoding Room Cards and sending mobile keys

Lodgit Desk features an optional module which creates an interface for the electronic locking systems SALTO and Häfele. These systems function with an electronic medium (such as a card), which serves as a room key and can be programmed to grant guest access to the tanning beds, spa, gym, coat check, garage, ski room and other areas. Furthermore, copies for accompanying guests can be made quickly and easily.

Handling is simple and convenient via the booking window. The travel data is automatically transferred from the booking:

  • Access rights to rooms or areas can be activated at check-in
  • Keys (card or mobile key, see below) can be deactivated or extended via the booking
  • At check-out all keys are deactivated, no matter if using a card or mobile key, see below;

Mobile Key from SALTO

As an alternative to creating a physical key, Salto's locking system makes it easy to send a so-called "Mobile Key" to the guest's smartphone on the day of arrival so that the guest can enter the selected rooms or areas.

The interface can be added to your existing license for a one-time fee in our online shop.  However, you should first make sure that your locking system is compatible. If you're interested in using the locking system together with Lodgit hotel software or have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us