Hotel Booking Software | Faster Reservations at the Reception Desk

All important booking details at a glance!

With just a few clicks you can display and edit all important Information and details about a booking.

Create new bookings in a flash using the menu bar, a keystroke combination, drag & drop in draw mode, or using our booking assistant.

Booking Window Overview

The booking window will provide you a quick overview of:

  • Booking time frame (check-in and check-out times)
  • Main booking contact
  • Rental price given
  • Rentable unit occupation status
  • Number of guests in the booking
  • Agency Booking (e.g. or another travel agency)

You can individually change all data for every booking.

Have All Guest Booking Info at Hand

But that's not all. The booking window contains all the information and tasks relevant for the booking which you may need from day to day. 

  • Create offers and confirmations
  • Add guests to a booking. They can be different from the main contact e.g. the invoice for this booking will be sent to a company while Mr. Smith is your actual guest
  • Create registration forms with existing templates for different countries and regions
  • Add tags or individual labels to bookings that will be displayed in the reservation schedule
  • Manage and keep track of deposit- and partial payments
  • Add extra items and packages for special offers or deals to a booking
  • Take down booking notes which will also appear and may be exported in various lists

When writing an invoice you also have the possibility to invoice all services separately and to different invoice recipients.