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Richard Götz, Hotel San Telmo

"I very much enjoy working with the thought out, neatly arranged and intuitive interface that Lodgit offers. Especially well-made are the guest management and the statistics and evaluations! Particularly important for us is the channel manager interface which works swiftly and reliably, saves us a lot of work and prevents overbookings. Thumbs up for Lodgit!"

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Documentation & Papers

Need more information? Download one of our free PDF files below!

Lodgit Desk Overview: Features, Modules, Prices

Lodgit Desk Overview: Features, Modules, Prices

Don't have enough time to scour our website? This paper gives you a short overview over Lodgit Desk's features, the additional modules and the prices, as well as our referral program.

Download PDF Lodgit Desk Overview (119 KB)

First steps with Lodgit Desk

The first steps with Lodgit Desk

... or: The fastest way to set up your work database

Just purchased your license but don't know where to start? Want to try out Lodgit with your real data? Follow this guide for the fastest way to set up your work database!

Lodgit Desk First Steps

Lodgit Desk Manual and Documentation

Lodgit Desk Manual and Documentation

It's like the in-program help, only in PDF form. This documentation lists all features and functions as well as detailed information about the additional modules

Lodgit Desk Online-Dokumentation    Download Lodgit Manual (8.1 MB)

The Lodgit Desk Database Server

Configuring the SQL Database Server

This step by step guide will tell you how to set up the database server application, upload your Lodgit Desk database and configure the backup settings.

Having trouble while or after installing the serverHere, you'll also find solutions for the few most common problems.

Download PDF Lodgit Desk Database Server (1,2 MB)

The Lodgit Desk Online Systems

Configuring the Lodgit Desk Online Systems

In this PDF document you'll be explained all possible settings to configure and personalise the Lodgit Online Systems: From setting up and running the first synchronisation to modifying the CSS files.  

This way you'll be guided quickly to your own neat online booking system and you'll soon be able to receive bookings over your website!

Download PDF Lodgit Desk Online Systems Manual (1,76 MB)

Setting up the "Interface: Channel Manager"

Setting up the "Interface: Channel Manager"

In this PDF files you'll find all information on how to set up the Channel Manager interfaces in Lodgit Desk.

They will allow you to get your business shown on a multitude of online booking channels and also to receive bookings via them and have those bookings automatically imported into your Lodgit Desk booking schedule. 

Just download the appropriate PDF file for the Channel Manager you're about to use below!

Cultuzz DIRS21 Hotel-Spider MappingMaster SiteMinder

TeamViewer Manual for Lodgit Desk remote support and maintenance

Preparing for your TeamViewer support or maintenance session

This document will guide to you through all steps necessary prior to having a TeamViewer support or maintenance session with us. Download it and follow the instructions in order to connect and get your problem solved by us in no time! 

Download PDF TeamViewer Manual(0,6 MB)