Personalised Hotel Guest Correspondence

Create offers, confirmations, invoices and more

Create your own letterhead, choose individual greetings for each guest and edit the default texts in the preferences of Lodgit Desk. Creating and printing an offer, a confirmation or an invoice is done with just a few clicks. 

Some of the advantages of having the entire correspondence integrated in Lodgit Desk: 

  • No additional office software necessary - this makes hotel invoicing quick & easy
  • All correspondence created is archived with the booking, along with the guest data, which is also backed up in the archive

From advertising mailings to offers, confirmations (incl. return confirmations) and hotel invoices: Lodgit Desk can take care of the entire correspondence with your guests nearly automatically. 

Foreign Languages: Multilingual Text Templates

With Lodgit Desk you can easily create multilingual text templates for offers, confirmations, invoices and other correspondence. You can save different opening and finishing paragraphs in the templates to reuse them again later by simply choosing them when creating e.g. an offer. 

Hint: English, Spanish and German language templates are already present in Lodgit Desk so that you only need to translate the names of the extra items you created.

Great for foreign guests: With Lodgit Desk you can create templates for offers, confirmations and invoices in multiple languages. They will be used automatically according to the language settings of the respective guest which can be determined in the guest management. This way you can automatically send correspondence to your guests in their native language.

Templates for Special Offers, Seasonal Advertising Mailings and More...

Special offers:  To increase bookings off-season you might decide to send an offer to selected regular guests with a 20% discount voucher. 

Seasonal offers: A template for a Christmas special offer could for example, contain the extra items for a four course menu and a nightly sleigh ride, which you can set up as a package in Lodgit Desk. 

Full packages: Templates for inclusive services as usually offered by hotels could be, for example, breakfast, half or full board and can also be set up in Lodgit Desk as a package. 

Keeping Track: Correspondence Archive

All offers, confirmations and invoices you have create in the booking window of Lodgit Desk, as well as the letters created in the guest management area can be reviewed in the archives. This also contains the following additional features: 

  • Filter offers and confirmations according to a timeframe and status (with the option to change the status right there) 
  • Print copies of offers, confirmations and invoices
  • Cancel selected invoices
  • All lists can be printed