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What is a Channel Manager For Hotels?

Many in the hotel industry are now using online booking portals such as or HRS, letting you reach more potential guests and increase hotel room bookings. But as well as selling rooms, these distribution channels also need your time and attention. Editing availability, rates and vacancies can be very time-consuming. If you use more than one online channel and receive multiple bookings, this can take hours out of your day to update. For smaller establishments, this can be a heavy burden. This is where a channel manager can help you.

Hotel Channel Manager Software: Work Less and Lower the Risk of Overbooking

To reduce the work in tending to these channels, Lodgit Desk now offers a Channel Manager Interface as an optional module. Channel manager integration means you no longer have to manually edit the room availability, or allocate different rentable units to each of the online travel agents (OTA) channel manager. The 2-way-interface imports online bookings from these channels into Lodgit Desk and sends new reservation times directly to the other channels which significantly lowers the risk for overbooking.

CultSwitch offers a far-reaching for distribution management. It's connected to many online booking channels (IDS, such as HRS,, expedia, venere, etc.), global distribution systems (such as amadeus, worldspan, sabre, Galileo) and destination management systems (such as, feratel, TOMAS). Since Lodgit Desk can send both availability and receive bookings, plus also send rate information to CultSwitch, we are a Premium Certified Partner

DIRS21 channelswitch allows central data maintenance and automatic data synchronisation from DIRS21 to BOOKING,, HRS, Venere, Expedia, netHotels, Unister, TOMAS, intobis and netHotels. Through the two-way-interface to all booking portals, you can not only send vacancies and rates but also receive bookings directly into Lodgit Desk. Updating the DIRS21 channelswitch can be done with the channel manager interface in Lodgit Desk.

Hotel-Spider offers a wide range of channels to connect to. Several of these channels are small, specific, local channels such as booking Valais or Thuringia Tourism. The two way interface allows you to send vacancy changes to the channel manager and receive incoming bookings directly into your hotel software.

MappingMaster is a brand new channel manager also allowing you to connect numerous channels to the hotel software for a comparatively small fee. Owners of guest houses, hotels, hostels, motels, serviced apartments, holiday apartments and lodgings can send vacancies, prices and even cancellations to all booking channels simultaneously. Thanks to the integrated 2-way-XML-technology of the MappingMaster channel manager overbooking can effectively be prevented. 

SiteMinder is a hotel property channel manager that is used in more than 150 countries. Connections to more than 250 channels allow you to attract the right guests and increase profit. The two-way-interface from Lodgit Desk to the channels allow you to send your vacancies and rates via Siteminder to your channels of choice and receive bookings directly into your hotel software.

If you have another channel manager you want to recommend to us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Costs of the Additional Module

The hotel Channel Manager additional module needs to be added to your existing license before you can use it. It's available for a monthly fee of €1.00 per rentable unit (plus VAT, where applicable) in our online shop.

Because this module is tied to a Lodgit Desk license, it may only be purchased for the entire term of that license. If you are purchasing a new license or renewing your current license, the module's term is the same as that of the license purchased. If you are adding it to a current license, the module's term ends with the expiration date of that license.

Please note:
  1. The use of the Channel Manager module requires an account with the channel manager provider (see above) as well as the online booking engines you want to use. That may incur further charges.
  2. The following restriction applies if the module "Interface: Channelmanager" is used simultaneously with the module "Online-Systems" in Lodgit Desk: For technical reasons, the number of rental units booked for the "Interface: Channelmanager" module can only be equal to, or less than, the number of rental units in the "Online-Systems" module.