Cash book & daily closing statement: time-saving & legally compliant

User friendly and convenient cash book

In most lodging establishments it is often the case that extras, such as beverages or snacks, are immediately paid for by the guests in cash. Similarly, smaller supplier invoices may have to paid in cash right away. These hotel accounting entries can be simply added into the user friendly hotel cash book so that you can easily keep track of the cash situation, and thus always have an overview of the current cash balance.

The cash book in Lodgit Desk features the following functions:

  • Automatic entry of cash paid guest invoices
  • Manual booking in and out of individual items
  • Logging of deposits
  • Printing the cash book
  • Creation of a cash report

Cash balance archive

When the bill is settled and the cash accounts are closed, the statement is transferred to the cash book archive, where all balances are listed. This can conveniently be viewed as a single month where all reports can be printed out again.

With our hotel accounting software, bookkeeping for hotels and guesthouses can be made easier!